The Self Publishing Cycle

Self-publishing is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry; authors find it attractive for many reasons. Unlike using traditional publishing companies, self-publishing allows the author to be in control of the entire creative and selling process. Sapna Ink’s offers a wide opportunity to self-publishers without any hesitation. It provides various platforms for authors, and offers nothing less than the best!

Step one: Write

It all starts with putting down the creativity flow into words. Once you pick your genre, you just go on with the thoughts as it takes you. There may be minor hindrances like writer’s block as such. Pay no heed and power through.

Step two: Edit

Writing without editing is like getting dressed with your eyes closed, and then leaving the house without looking in the mirror. When drafting, the writer’s focus in inherently narrowed, he/she is focused on expressing the idea more and not on the colons or semicolons, pacing and stylistic consistency. Editing is as important to the vision and message of your book. Good editing will enable your book to shine and will set you apart.

Step three: Proofread

The proofreading process of self-publishing is one of the most crucial steps that should not be overlooked.  Proofreading is the last step that can enhance the author’s reputation for how hard they have worked. Quality proofreading can transform your work into a form of art. This includes changing any spelling or grammatical errors that may have been made. It also involves finding any inconsistencies within the text and verifying facts.

Step Four: Design

A design has a tremendous impact on a book’s appeal and marketability. There are two parts to your book design: the cover and the interior. Bookshops display books with their covers facing the reader. It’s the first thing a reader sees. It is the reason a customer picks up the book, particularly in a supermarket setting where every book is front facing. Even the author can be recognized not only by the letters spelled out but by the font, the style of cover, composition, the look of a series.

Step Five: Production

Once the book has been edited and designed, it will be ready to go off to the production stage. This stage will be responsible for printing and binding it and arranging for its delivery to the publisher’s warehouse.

Step Six: Distribute

Distribution has always been one of the more complex aspects of book publishing, your book must be available for readers to buy, and you’ll want them to be available through every possible channel. The power of distribution when paired with flexible pricing creates an advantageous sales combination for the self-publishing author.

 Step Seven: Publicity

Books can generate more sales if the reader can associate it with the author. Like with any business that has a brand, authors must create a brand for themselves. Having a unique book cover, producing reviews, and creating a social media profiles for your book are all effective book marketing strategies. But, when you combine them with author promotion techniques, you can achieve much more success.

Sapna Ink’s offers a wide opportunity to self-publishers without any hesitation. It provides various platforms for authors, and offers nothing less than the best! Get your own dream team of designers, marketing, editorial and more. Follow the link for more details




Love narrating horror stories? Become a Best Selling Horror Storywriter with SapnaINK!


Try your destiny as an author in the field of horror stories with SapnaINK. We are here to help you become a budding writer in any way we can!

Some know the art of narrating horror stories that run chills down the spine and make every hair on your arms, as well as neck, stand up.

If you are one of these people, I have got news for you! You can pen it down and become a well-known author as well as a best seller at SapnaINK. You could also become a self-publisher.

How To Get Started

First of all, if you have got the skills and talent to together words, story ideas as well as plots in such a way to scare the living ‘hell’ out of anyone, you have definitely got to sign up with SapnaINK and get started.

Tips To Becoming a Best Seller

Just keep your creativity alive. Being a budding author can take time (either you are born with the skills or you learn them) either way, you have got to work for it.

Tools for Budding Authors

Practice writing as much and wherever you can. Do not hesitate to think out of the box. SapnaINK likes dedicated budding authors who think different and make fiction come to life on paper.

In no time, SapnaINK will churn you into a best seller and will ensure success. Visit and read more.

Make Your Dreams Come Alive With Sapna Ink


For all Dreamers and aspiring writers, here is a chance to achieve what you have always wanted through the exemplary services at SapnaInk.

The Team of Sapna Ink has relentlessly made efforts in self- publishing your dream book as an author. The services offered by this creative group have literally made people believe in the phrase of ‘Dream and it will be true’.

Services offered by SapnaInk

  • Introducing a great concept for the Indian market, SapnaInk has actually gone leaps and bounds ahead with Creativity.
  • They have given people more than a vivid picture of How To Be More Creative, along with being unique and determined in their way.
  • For hopeful writers, who candidly wish to make a mark for themselves, SapnaInk provides you with Successful Author Tips.

Welcome Creativity with Dreams

  • At SapnaInk, you can undoubtedly let your Creativity Outburst reveal itself. Their team welcomes that with utmost warmth and confidence.
  • You are offered with some of the best self-publishing packages, which eminently help a large network of authors.
  • Right from marketing, editing to offering you with some inordinate publishing services, SapnaInk is the destination for outstanding value of services.

For writers who do not have the right connections to either edit their draft or publish their book for them, stop worrying and continue writing. If you are looking for all the right sources and guidance for a successfully published book, look no more. SapnaInk does much more than that for Creative authors worldwide with absolute dedication and hard work. Visit for more details.

Be a Self Publisher and Give Wings to Your Literary Dreams


Finding a publisher for your story can be a tough deal. Often, budding writers had to face rejections that dampen their spirit. However, you can always be a self-publisher and get your story out there!  

Almost everyone has a story to tell. However, there are a few who are capable of creating stories and express them through the language of literature.

However, getting your novel or stories to print is often an arduous task. Publishers don’t always seem excited about publishing the work of a completely new writer.

Keep Your Dream Alive with Self Publishing

If you want to express yourself through your literature, finding a publisher is not the only option. You can be a self publisher.

As the Indian literary grows more diverse, a lot of writers are turning towards self publishing.

A number of self-publishing companies, like SapnaInk, are coming to the scene. They are helping writers realize their dream of being published.

Does Self-Publishing Make Sense?

There are number of advantages of self-publishing with SapnaInk. These make self-publishing the best bet for writers.

  • You stay in control of your story.
  • You get help by a talented team in designing your book and the marketing your book.
  • SapnaInk guarantees you a place on the racks of the bookstores of Sapna Retail and others.
  • SapnaInk has all languages published. This means you have your work published in any Indian language.

Stay at It!

If you have stories that you want to tell, don’t stop. Don’t stop with one book. Continue to explore your creative side as SapnaInk would ensure you reach your audience.So pick up your pen, be a self publisher and bring all your ideas to life! Create your Story!
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Guaranteed Rack for Your Best Seller at Sapna Ink


Okay, I know the original saying isn’t close to this cooked up version but being an author gives you a certain quip to spin words to your convenience. But this fact holds truth and Sapna Ink is here to offer you with a world full of possibilities and opportunities galore. Sapna Ink is here to give you the required nudge for self- publishing your books.

Book publishing overall is a difficult and slightly tedious affair that doesn’t guarantee the fact that you would connect instantly with the masses. Publishing a book is something that is easier said than done but with Sapna Ink, a flicker of hope arises anew as you can be guaranteed a rack for your best-seller.

Best- seller is the dream every self- publishing author dreams of and connecting with the larger audience is the key to that destination. Sapna Ink serves as a route to that destination. From the elite promotional kit involving customized book stubs, author cards, printing and distribution, poster and flyers to efficiently mapping out Social Media to the author’s benefits Sapna Ink doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

Have a Book, Publish it

Editing your book is carried out by professionals who enhance your work without hampering or altering your writing style. The book is your own by adding just the required touch Sapna Ink guarantees you with best- seller rack. The design team is at your service customizing the book cover creatively giving the required information without giving away everything. They efficiently create curiosity amongst readers through a mere book cover.

Sapna Ink has its very own retail platform with millions of customers visiting them truly making them pioneers in books industry. Elite authors have been associated with Sapna Ink, which inadvertently bears its benefits to the new and up- coming authors.

A company that hoards so many positive benefits are bound to stand strong on their word of a guaranteed rack for your best seller. Write Your Story | Send to Sapna INK | Become an Acclaimed Author. Exciting? Visit or write to us at

Publish Your Books at Sapna Ink!


Every author needs the perfect opportunity to present his creative art of work to the masses. Sapna Ink is the bag of opportunity present here for your book publishing. They have been in the business of books for an extensive period of time. Professionalism, creativity and success stories they host the whole package.

Sapna Ink is one of the powerhouses in the genre of publishing books and you can take a step back and relax as they efficiently take care of the entire process.

Book Content

The first and the foremost step in being a successful self-publishing author is to come up with inimitable content. The content must be exclusive and must be able to garner attention. Sapna Ink offers you with exclusive editing services that can improvise your chances of connecting with the masses if you have distinctive content.

Printing and Distribution

Books require the right set of skills to be effectively published in the market. Sapna Ink goes a step forward with their exclusive Promotion Kit. This kit isn’t just a bundle of magic tricks it includes extensive market strategies that help you to reach out to larger audience base.

This promotion kit effectively highlights the author and helps them connect with the masses. From book stubs, posters and flyers to exclusive author cards this promotion kit hordes it all.

200 free author copies is another promotional strategy that forms the part of printing and distribution aspect of book publishing offered by Sapna Ink.

Sapna Ink has catered to millions of consumers across the globe that what makes them the true pioneers of the book publishing industry. Who would be better to invest in than the experts themselves?

Check them out for exclusive strategies like Promotion Kit in order to publish your books the right way. Sapna INK grants every author to get a taste of their success with the help of Sapna! We also have tie-ups with other leading stores all over in India.

Theme based learning improves child’s ability to think out of the box

11986327_903667909669328_4652122178917945049_nDo you see depth in your child’s imagination? Wondering how to channelize his ideas? Capture your child’s talents and help him understand his dreams with theme based learning.

Howard Gardner proposed that there are multiple types of intelligence. He divided intelligence in eight categories namely verbal- linguistic, logical – mathematical, visual and spatial, musical, naturalistic, bodily and kinesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal. These types of intelligence are important and every teacher must focus on exposing their students to all of them in order to facilitate learning which will assure over all development.

The process of learning is a unification of factors as meaningfulness and communication. In order to achieve this unification teachers make use of theme based learning methods.  Concentrating on specific theme ideas helps teachers connect various disciplines in order to ensure that the students will learn the important concepts.

The themes can contrast in description and capacity but they should create a sense of motivation for the students and be related to them.  Theme based learning ensure that students can develop higher order thinking while learning material relevant to their syllabus. It also ensures that they learn the concepts and can retain it for longer periods of time. Also, this ensures deeper understanding of concepts and helps the students develop a nose for details.

One important aspect of theme based learning is it helps students make connections between the knowledge that they gain in a classroom and apply it in the real world.

It enhances the coherence of the learnt material. Also it prepares them to think out of the box.

Theme based learning techniques make students generate new and fresh ideas. It encourages on the quality of these ideas and not the quantity. It makes students use their imagination and find various ways to apply the knowledge they gained. This in turn helps them in enhancement of skills that they have gained and learnt to apply.

Theme based learning ensures that students benefit the most from their classrooms and use the experience gained to make it count in the real world. It makes the students more competent and adaptable and helps them develop their thoughts and resulting actions. Thematic learning also builds the ability to research before any task. It makes it a habit for one to be knowledgeable and well read about any idea they might encounter.Children have a lot of hidden talents which needs to be discovered and molded.

Sapna INK promises gleaming platforms to young, budding authors along with a magnificent book launch. The team of experts will not only support but also guide you at every step from designing to marketing and even sales. Visit to know more.

Exalt your child’s future


Imagination is something inborn in everybody but successful individuals have utilized their imaginative power to rouse themselves to succeed. How could they have been able to discover this hidden talent in them? Simply, by using an occasion or circumstance that showed up in their everyday lives. In their mind they transformed that subject into something they needed to have confidence in, so they could review it over and over.

Effective communication is one of the essential things that kids need to develop to guarantee that they get by the grown-up world effortlessly. Communication abilities are enhanced as time passes by, which would incorporate writing and speaking. The latter is something that parents would have not much inconvenience getting their kids to do, but former is something that is usually one of the aptitudes that a few kids far and wide do not ever get the chance to learn.

Why Writing is Important?

It is important to encourage writing habit in your child at an early age. As writing runs parallel with reading, it is essential to hone your child’s writing skill at a youthful age to guarantee that he will be equipped at home as well as in school and in other social settings. Writing also improves the language of your child. Envision how humiliated your child may be on the off chance that he is the stand out in class who can’t define his own particular name.

A child’s brain starts to develop at a very tender age. So one must ensure to teach him writing as soon as possible. Writing is an ability that is nurtured all the more successfully when you give time to your child’s education legitimately. In case your child is not yet prepared to learn, you may experience difficulty making him retain your teachings. Researches express that writing skills begin to develop in child at around 4-5 years of age. So if your child falls under that age section, fasten up your belts and get ready to pay special attention to signs that he is prepared to learn and write.

Pen down your thoughts and leave the rest to us. Our professional team will complete the rest for you. From this step onwards, be assured your book is just a few steps away from completion. Read more on Your child could be an author in disguise!