Become a Writeprenuer

If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it – Toni Morrison.


Writerpreneur is someone a lot more than just a writer who makes money from her writing. A writerpreneur is a writer who has an entrepreneurial mindset and sees opportunity in using her creative gifts to earn an income. According to Wikipedia, every year, around 800,000 books were published in the English language last year. This makes it almost 2200 books published every day. Now imagine, with such a great churn and so much noise, how can an author market his/her book effectively? The answer is Self-publishing.

Writing is traditionally a creative venture; a vocation that requires anguish, insomnia, and many more hindrances.  Writers are generally not known for their brilliant business and marketing skills; that was always the job of the traditional publisher, but in this new world of self-publishing and self-promoting, great writing alone is not going to make it.

When you are producing and selling a product and competing for customers, and the customers don’t know you’re there unless you advertise yourself. Traditional publishing largely spared the author the burden of promoting their work, but the author paid a high price for that service, sacrificing a major portion of the royalties.  Self-publishing allows much more author control and a larger portion of the profits.

Sapna Ink aspires to bring out the hidden author in you and believes Age is No Barrier to tell people your story. Sapna Ink raises the bar for self- publishers by Not only offering different genre-based packages but also provides an efficient team to work along with you, to your dream come true! Along with an ISBN code, Sapna Ink guarantees the display of your book in 12+ retail stores across India and in our e-commerce portal – and Not only this, Sapna Ink gives you a splendorous book launch with full support. Sapna Ink also has tied up with well-known online portals for authors to showcase their book.

Sapna Ink’s offers a wide opportunity to self-publishers without any hesitation. It provides various platforms for authors, and offers nothing less than the best!



10 steps to publishing a book

  1. Build your idea.

Come up with an idea and keep it as original as possible. Publishing data shows that there are only a few kinds of stories, but an engaging twist to it makes all the different.

  1. Think about your story

Once you have an idea, look at it from different angles. You should be able to answer any question about your story, characters, plot, the progression of the story or its cohesion.

  1. Outline your story

Once you have your story with characters, plot et al, write an outline. Break it down into parts without detailing too many aspects. Cohesion and flow are things to focus on at this juncture. 

  1. Time to draft

Write everything you have to write at this point. It’s alright if you deviate from the plot as long as the characters move towards the intended goal and the story adds up.

  1. Edit for grammar

Editing is one of the biggest, most important steps to writing a book and getting it published. Expect to be editing over and over: spelling, grammar, trimming the fat, tie up loose ends. Read dialogues out loud to make sure they sound right.

  1. Edit for style

Tweak your language according to the situation in the story. Using Ks and Fs for fights, Ss and Ls for romance are ways to express the intended emotion. Using discretion with this tool is advised.

  1. Edit again

Now edit for sentence formation such as active and passive voice. Now is also the time to approach a professional or an online editor.

  1. Get a second opinion

Ask a trusted person to read your edited draft. This will highlight errors you might have missed.

  1. Think about Publishing

Consider your options to publish your book. You could approach a publishing house that has its own advantages, or self-publish which gives you so much more freedom.

  1. Publish your book

Once you’ve chosen how to show the world your work of art, go ahead with it. Don’t forget those book signing events and talks that are so important to get attention.

Although the road to publishing a book might seem arduous, the result is immensely satisfying. Don’t lose hope! There are plenty of services and tools that simplify the process for you. Sapna INK is one such self-publishing house that gives guides you with editing, publishing and promotion, all over 15 days.

Sapna Ink – Dream and It Will Be True!


Sapna Ink is a platform where it allows the writer to become self-published by assisting them, be it amateurs or even professionals. Sapna Ink helps them launch themselves into the world of knowledge. Leading them through every phase of releasing a book like Proof-Reading, or Editing, Designing and finally Marketing the book.

Sapna Ink does all the background work, and all you’ve got to do is come up with a manuscript. Watch as Sapna helps your dreams and your creativity come to life across more than 12+ retail shops in India in the form of a dashing and an exciting new book !

A Guide

Sapna Ink also helps out many aspiring writers and dreamers by giving them helpful tips on how to be more creative or help them get in touch with famous personalities for some successful author tips and more!

Thus, this is your chance to live your dreams and make it big. Sapna Ink is definitely a gift for all writers, old and new, as an opportunity to do what they do best and bring it out in the form of a book . And thus allowing many readers across India to enjoy it!

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Gift Yourself a Novel Package


We help you tell your story to the world. A self-publisher service that lets you fulfil your dream of becoming a published author while taking care of all the nitty-gritties.

Weaving Magic

Sapna Ink has been enabling authors to tell their story to the world for the last 25 years. It is an arm of Sapna Book House, a leading Retailer of books and many other categories for almost half a century, with more than 5000 titles in English and other regional languages under their belt.

A special effective team for assistance is there that guides the author through the publishing process. A guaranteed book display and special book launch are organised to propel the work amidst the literary world with full effect.

Package Rates

Sapna Ink provides a self-publisher a variety of genre based packages to choose from. Every work gets its own ISBN code.

The basic rates vary from ₹29,000 to ₹89,000 with additional charges applicable as per requirements. Features such as hard back, colour interiors, editing service, distribution at other stores, standee design and social media setup and management require add-on charges.

Services We Provide

  • Retail launch platform in the form of the 12+ retail stores of Sapna Book House.
  • The in-house design team makes personalized illustrations, layouts and book covers depending on the genre and style.
  • The marketing team in addition to giving authors their own book launch promotes their work in all their retail outlets, e-commerce portals and social media platforms.
  • An exclusive promotion kit is designed that contains personalised bookmarks, book stubs, author cards, posters, flyers and much more.
  • The editorial team helps you transform your manuscript into a masterpiece.

Distribution Channels

  • com
  • Sapna Book House
  • Book Adda
  • Acad Zone
  • Flipkart
  • Jungle
  • Amazon
  • Ingram and many more

This is a one-stop-shop for a self-publisher who needs guidance. With Sapna Ink you don’t just publish your work, you tell your story to the world. The most popular package with the best services to make you a notable author! Learn more at


Be a Self Publisher and Give Wings to Your Literary Dreams


Finding a publisher for your story can be a tough deal. Often, budding writers had to face rejections that dampen their spirit. However, you can always be a self-publisher and get your story out there!  

Almost everyone has a story to tell. However, there are a few who are capable of creating stories and express them through the language of literature.

However, getting your novel or stories to print is often an arduous task. Publishers don’t always seem excited about publishing the work of a completely new writer.

Keep Your Dream Alive with Self Publishing

If you want to express yourself through your literature, finding a publisher is not the only option. You can be a self publisher.

As the Indian literary grows more diverse, a lot of writers are turning towards self publishing.

A number of self-publishing companies, like SapnaInk, are coming to the scene. They are helping writers realize their dream of being published.

Does Self-Publishing Make Sense?

There are number of advantages of self-publishing with SapnaInk. These make self-publishing the best bet for writers.

  • You stay in control of your story.
  • You get help by a talented team in designing your book and the marketing your book.
  • SapnaInk guarantees you a place on the racks of the bookstores of Sapna Retail and others.
  • SapnaInk has all languages published. This means you have your work published in any Indian language.

Stay at It!

If you have stories that you want to tell, don’t stop. Don’t stop with one book. Continue to explore your creative side as SapnaInk would ensure you reach your audience.So pick up your pen, be a self publisher and bring all your ideas to life! Create your Story!
Customize your design! Celebrate Your Book Launch!  In just 7 days! Know more at



Guaranteed Rack for Your Best Seller at Sapna Ink


Okay, I know the original saying isn’t close to this cooked up version but being an author gives you a certain quip to spin words to your convenience. But this fact holds truth and Sapna Ink is here to offer you with a world full of possibilities and opportunities galore. Sapna Ink is here to give you the required nudge for self- publishing your books.

Book publishing overall is a difficult and slightly tedious affair that doesn’t guarantee the fact that you would connect instantly with the masses. Publishing a book is something that is easier said than done but with Sapna Ink, a flicker of hope arises anew as you can be guaranteed a rack for your best-seller.

Best- seller is the dream every self- publishing author dreams of and connecting with the larger audience is the key to that destination. Sapna Ink serves as a route to that destination. From the elite promotional kit involving customized book stubs, author cards, printing and distribution, poster and flyers to efficiently mapping out Social Media to the author’s benefits Sapna Ink doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

Have a Book, Publish it

Editing your book is carried out by professionals who enhance your work without hampering or altering your writing style. The book is your own by adding just the required touch Sapna Ink guarantees you with best- seller rack. The design team is at your service customizing the book cover creatively giving the required information without giving away everything. They efficiently create curiosity amongst readers through a mere book cover.

Sapna Ink has its very own retail platform with millions of customers visiting them truly making them pioneers in books industry. Elite authors have been associated with Sapna Ink, which inadvertently bears its benefits to the new and up- coming authors.

A company that hoards so many positive benefits are bound to stand strong on their word of a guaranteed rack for your best seller. Write Your Story | Send to Sapna INK | Become an Acclaimed Author. Exciting? Visit or write to us at

Publish Your Books at Sapna Ink!


Every author needs the perfect opportunity to present his creative art of work to the masses. Sapna Ink is the bag of opportunity present here for your book publishing. They have been in the business of books for an extensive period of time. Professionalism, creativity and success stories they host the whole package.

Sapna Ink is one of the powerhouses in the genre of publishing books and you can take a step back and relax as they efficiently take care of the entire process.

Book Content

The first and the foremost step in being a successful self-publishing author is to come up with inimitable content. The content must be exclusive and must be able to garner attention. Sapna Ink offers you with exclusive editing services that can improvise your chances of connecting with the masses if you have distinctive content.

Printing and Distribution

Books require the right set of skills to be effectively published in the market. Sapna Ink goes a step forward with their exclusive Promotion Kit. This kit isn’t just a bundle of magic tricks it includes extensive market strategies that help you to reach out to larger audience base.

This promotion kit effectively highlights the author and helps them connect with the masses. From book stubs, posters and flyers to exclusive author cards this promotion kit hordes it all.

200 free author copies is another promotional strategy that forms the part of printing and distribution aspect of book publishing offered by Sapna Ink.

Sapna Ink has catered to millions of consumers across the globe that what makes them the true pioneers of the book publishing industry. Who would be better to invest in than the experts themselves?

Check them out for exclusive strategies like Promotion Kit in order to publish your books the right way. Sapna INK grants every author to get a taste of their success with the help of Sapna! We also have tie-ups with other leading stores all over in India.