How to get rid of writer’s block.


Writer’s blocks can happen to any writer at any point, and last a short duration to (gasp!) years. It’s important to take it in stride and not be discouraged. Take a break or do any of these other 9 things to color your thinking and find your way back.

Here are 10 ways to get your thoughts flowing and clear those blocks so that you can get to work as soon as possible.

  1. Begin tomorrow’s work today

If you’ve finished writing for the day and have ideas or a plan on what to write the next time you’re at your desk, write it down to help you get started faster tomorrow. A few sentences or points should do. This will save time and get you into that head space to begin writing without pause.

  1. Always carry a pen and notebook

Inspiration can strike at anytime. Be prepared to store your thoughts by keeping handy a pen and paper if you’re oldschoolcool, or a nifty app on your phone such as Google Keep, or OneNote. You can always return to your comfort zone later to elaborate on your thoughts.

  1. Write anything

If you’re unsure about where to start, write the first things that pop into your head, all of them. Once the initial clutter is cleared, your mind will guide you to that thread of thought you most need to follow.

  1. Voice your ideas

Telling your friends and family about your ideas and thoughts is an excellent way to stumble upon points that wouldn’t crop up in isolation. People tend to say things that mean the most to them while speaking, and is a great way to find a lead.

  1. Keep your research in order

If you’ve got multiple sources to write your next big piece, using highlighters and colorful post-its are an attractive way of grabbing your attention to things you want to come back to later. Having a pencil around to take notes as you read, is also a way of keeping your thoughts on track.

  1. Review your past writing

Losing that thread of thought can be frustrating. Re-reading past notes and the progress you’ve made so far could get you back on track.

  1. Mind mapping

When your mind is buzzing with a number of ideas, write them all down. You can figure out how to piece them together once you have them down.

  1. Practice

If you’ve just started writing, and are in need of inspiration, writing prompts are the way to go. Simply Google them and begin writing to get your thoughts moving. The more you write, the more your brain is accustomed to think creatively.

  1. Taking a break

We’ve been there where we’ve been writing for a while now, and thoughts simply don’t move. Take a break. Watch a funny video, talk to someone, or nap. Your mind needs to reboot.

  1. Work somewhere else

Grab your things and head to a different spot, be it he library, a quiet corner at work, a coffee shop, or a space with a pleasant view. A change in scenery is at times enough to jog your creativity.  


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