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For all Dreamers and aspiring writers, here is a chance to achieve what you have always wanted through the exemplary services at SapnaInk.

The Team of Sapna Ink has relentlessly made efforts in self- publishing your dream book as an author. The services offered by this creative group have literally made people believe in the phrase of ‘Dream and it will be true’.

Services offered by SapnaInk

  • Introducing a great concept for the Indian market, SapnaInk has actually gone leaps and bounds ahead with Creativity.
  • They have given people more than a vivid picture of How To Be More Creative, along with being unique and determined in their way.
  • For hopeful writers, who candidly wish to make a mark for themselves, SapnaInk provides you with Successful Author Tips.

Welcome Creativity with Dreams

  • At SapnaInk, you can undoubtedly let your Creativity Outburst reveal itself. Their team welcomes that with utmost warmth and confidence.
  • You are offered with some of the best self-publishing packages, which eminently help a large network of authors.
  • Right from marketing, editing to offering you with some inordinate publishing services, SapnaInk is the destination for outstanding value of services.

For writers who do not have the right connections to either edit their draft or publish their book for them, stop worrying and continue writing. If you are looking for all the right sources and guidance for a successfully published book, look no more. SapnaInk does much more than that for Creative authors worldwide with absolute dedication and hard work. Visit for more details.


Be a Self Publisher and Give Wings to Your Literary Dreams


Finding a publisher for your story can be a tough deal. Often, budding writers had to face rejections that dampen their spirit. However, you can always be a self-publisher and get your story out there!  

Almost everyone has a story to tell. However, there are a few who are capable of creating stories and express them through the language of literature.

However, getting your novel or stories to print is often an arduous task. Publishers don’t always seem excited about publishing the work of a completely new writer.

Keep Your Dream Alive with Self Publishing

If you want to express yourself through your literature, finding a publisher is not the only option. You can be a self publisher.

As the Indian literary grows more diverse, a lot of writers are turning towards self publishing.

A number of self-publishing companies, like SapnaInk, are coming to the scene. They are helping writers realize their dream of being published.

Does Self-Publishing Make Sense?

There are number of advantages of self-publishing with SapnaInk. These make self-publishing the best bet for writers.

  • You stay in control of your story.
  • You get help by a talented team in designing your book and the marketing your book.
  • SapnaInk guarantees you a place on the racks of the bookstores of Sapna Retail and others.
  • SapnaInk has all languages published. This means you have your work published in any Indian language.

Stay at It!

If you have stories that you want to tell, don’t stop. Don’t stop with one book. Continue to explore your creative side as SapnaInk would ensure you reach your audience.So pick up your pen, be a self publisher and bring all your ideas to life! Create your Story!
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A medico-legal thriller titled ‘The Oath’ by Kalyan C. Kankanala


Kalyan C. Kankanala  a self-publisher from Bangalore shares tit bits about his latest book with a medico-legal thriller titled ‘The Oath’. The story revolves around The protagonist Dr.Krishna, a conscientious doctor, is arrested and put on trial for treating naxalites, a banned people war group. Many police officers are killed in an encounter with naxalites, and the police are looking for payback. They want Dr. Krishna to pay for helping naxalites, to pay for the deaths of their men, and to pay for their helplessness. They mount irrefutable evidence against Dr. Krishna, and the Public Prosecutor has never lost a case. Set in Zala, the hot bed of naxal activity in the state of Andhra Pradesh, The Oath narrates a gripping, entertaining and intellectually stimulating tale of the clash between Medicine and Law.

When asked how did the author begin writing? His simple reply was well, I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was a child. It brings me immense joy. While writing non-fiction helps me understand a concept better, I find writing fiction a great way to imagine and express.

The self-publisher considered himself as a writer back in school. He remembers he was probably 10 or 11, when he wrote an article for the school magazine. His first book Road Humps and Sidewalks was a pharma patent thriller. It revolves around the theme of patents and access to medicines, a highly debated subject in the Indian context. The importance of the topic inspired me to complete my first work diligently.

Asking him further about his upcoming novel , the author expounds the clash between medical and legal oaths, and how he felt that The Oath as a title captures the essence well. The book highlights the significance of professional ethics and that the commitment to human life trumps any law. Like all fictional work this book too derives its inspiration from real people and their experiences. The book is partly based on the authors father’s experiences as a doctor and is very close to my heart.

The book that has influenced my life the most is definitely All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot.  I have also always admired Alistair Maclean’s work. He is one person who has mastered the art of suspense story-telling. I recommend his work to all young authors.

When asked about travelling somewhere just for the book; the author said; Yes, I do have to travel sometimes for a book. Sometimes to immerse yourself in a story or to stay true to the story it helps if you have the right surroundings. Any author would know how important it is to set the right tone for a book and getting a feel of the place, one is setting their story in, is definitely crucial.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? Finding the right editor definitely posed considerable challenges, but I’m glad we found someone great like SapnaINK. Writing can be a cathartic experience I feel. But what I learnt the most was that writing is a disciplined art. If you love to write, if it brings you joy then you should go ahead. It’s just that simple.

The author concludes with a small note for his readers. I hope they like the book. I look forward to their comments and feedback; it would certainly help me grow or improve as an author.

Top-Notch Publishing Packages Available at Sapna Ink!

10660103_985077061528412_5416014813887312738_n.jpgSelf- publishing is a process involving series of steps that efficiently help an author be successful amongst the masses. There are various genres fiction, non- fiction, romance, classic, horror and thriller and so on and so forth. Every book has its unique approach to top the charts. Every genre of book can be published uniquely through the message it professes.

Sapna Ink is at your service with elite professionals providing you with exclusive services. The crafting of the perfect plan in order to publish books is the initial step that book publishing includes.

The varied steps involved in self- publishing with Sapna Ink include


A professional team waits to enhance your book without altering your writing style. The book needs to have distinct content and the rest is taken care of by Sapna Ink.

Publishing Packages

Sapna Ink provides the author within you top- notch quality publishing packages guaranteeing a rack on the best- seller. The team crafts exclusive packages depending upon your book genre.

A publishing package provided by Sapna Ink typically includes exclusive creative book design cover, book stubs, posters, 100-300 free author copies with a dedicated team of professionals in order to carry out campaigns, promotions, social media marketing and so on and so forth.

This exclusive publishing package also provides you with ISBN code and a special opportunity to publish and distribute your book internationally. Sapna Ink leaves no stone unturned in marketing strategies offered by customised publishing packages. From newspapers, magazines to social media pages the team puts in efforts worth the value you invest.

Printing and Distribution

Publish Books requires the author to be more vocal and social. In this digital hoopla, a personalised touch is something everyone appreciates. Sapna Ink prioritises this forte of personalised touch through elite distribution channels in a creative manner.

Professionalism, top- notch quality publishing packages, guaranteed rack as a best seller offered only by Sapna Ink.

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Judge a book by its cover! And, get ready!


In a world of ‘False-Promises’, ‘Delivering-Short’ is synonymous with a more diplomatic and accepted-analogy, ‘Marketing-Gimmick!’  It is that important, your ATTENTION! Yes! Guess you were not just aware of it, at-least till now! It’s actually funny to think of how, it all started with an alarming catch-phrase coined by ‘The-Elders!’ came into being very many years ago. It went something like, ‘Never. Judge. Book. Cover!’ We grew into adulthood, being vary of anything that was impressively or appealingly covered! And for some reason, it goes by default that, ‘The Elders’ are always right, just about anyone and anything!

That’s exactly why, at SapnaInk, your book-cover would not just be fancily-dressed, but actually designed carefully by a team of experts after understanding the uniqueness of each project and manage to deliver that impressive-design, as promised! The attention given to the detailing only triggers the curiosity of the reader at the very first sight of it. And by giving a ‘Sneak-Peek’, it allows for the V.I.P. treatment the ‘prospective-reader’ or better yet, A ‘soon-to-be-fan’, might expect.

Usually, a book that hits the stands can very easily be compared to the answer sheets of the ‘Class-Clown’. It would be religiously filled into a bunch with not much of relevant or even valid content but just assemble grammatically right words, rightly spelt. And the student may also try for some luck by providing ‘interesting-illustrations’. And now, years later, little does the student know, that it is not his favorite-teacher to fall for the old-tricks again, but a team of editors who’d be running through the submitted work and then pass it on to a team of designing professionals, to create a design that’d speak for itself about the submitted word! It maybe puzzling and even urge you, to ask just how is that even possible? Well, we’d like to again remind you of what ‘The Elders’ used to said about something, that goes like ‘One-Picture’ and ‘A -Thousand-Words! So, the next time you see an interesting cover at SapnaInk, we say, ‘Take that chance!’ Know more about us on


Want to publish your own book but don’t know how?

12552705_963117783724340_8117554197488311205_nSapna Ink has been in the book business for a while now. Not only do they help new and established writers in one arena, they also assist authors with editing, proofreading, cover design, layout, getting an ISBN bar code and all the way to printing and distribution, logistics, warehousing and promotion.

Sapna Ink is an arm of Sapna Book House, spread across 400,000 sqft, Sapna Retail has rightfully been titled ‘India’s Largest Book Mall’ by Limca Book of Records.

Self publishers by the way of direct marketing or direct selling are getting an advantage by not having to pay hefty commission to the distributors. Additionally, readers receive books today in a timely fashion and at inexpensive prices. Readers also now have several options and are exposed to more variety of books.

Online marketing constitutes almost more than 60 % of the book sales and it is growing at a very fast pace.

Sapna INK has gleaming presence on both online and in-stores. The presence of Sapna Group is widely known and also gives authors a chance to have their own book launch and can be assured of the good visibility in the market. Sapna Ink also boasts of giving the authors a topnotch package at affordable rates and encourages writers to share their stories with the world.

Read more about our services and packages on

How can an author get quick fame?


Becoming a best-selling author has nowadays become a common dream. We see someone on the news everyday whose first novel or book, sold a million copies and that writer becomes an overnight success and a household name. More and more people now are focused on cracking this formula of overnight successes, or authors who get quick fame and become celebrities.

Well written books sell

It is high time that this myth of the overnight success is broken among writers and novelists. The fundamentals of the publishing industry have more or less remained the same ever since its inception. There are some books which catch the imagination of the masses much more than other; there are some books which slowly and steadily become a cult hit while others take many a decade for it to come under the limelight. But the one thing that all these books are bound to have in common is that they were well written, and they followed the basic rules of storytelling and grammar and the elements of style. If it is a good story, it is very easy for authors to find a readership in this digital age, if they keep only a few things in mind.

Good Marketing team

What has changed significantly in the publishing industry overtime is the author-reader relationship. Nowadays the author is selling himself as much as he is selling his book. The days of anonymity for authors are gone. Publishing firms work very hard at coming up with the right buzz around a book before it’s even released. The right cover, the right summary and more visibility for the book online and in stores is important if it is to catch the eye of the book browser in the long aisle of new releases.

The author plays an important role in the launch of his or her book. Book store signings and press releases have become more crucial than ever for the success of a book. In the end an author will only become successful and get fame for good writing but a good launch platform and the marketing strategies sure help in compelling readers to pick up the book.

SapnaINK is one such platform that promises you to create, publish and celebrate your book. They assist you in becoming an author in just 7 days! Astonished? Visit to know more. Sapna INK grants every author to get a taste of their success with the help of Sapna. Sapna Book House has over 150+ million happy customers visiting their 12+ retail stores. A successful publisher for more than 5000+ titles, Sapna Book House is an ideal dream platform to launch a book, your book!