Become a Writeprenuer

If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it – Toni Morrison.


Writerpreneur is someone a lot more than just a writer who makes money from her writing. A writerpreneur is a writer who has an entrepreneurial mindset and sees opportunity in using her creative gifts to earn an income. According to Wikipedia, every year, around 800,000 books were published in the English language last year. This makes it almost 2200 books published every day. Now imagine, with such a great churn and so much noise, how can an author market his/her book effectively? The answer is Self-publishing.

Writing is traditionally a creative venture; a vocation that requires anguish, insomnia, and many more hindrances.  Writers are generally not known for their brilliant business and marketing skills; that was always the job of the traditional publisher, but in this new world of self-publishing and self-promoting, great writing alone is not going to make it.

When you are producing and selling a product and competing for customers, and the customers don’t know you’re there unless you advertise yourself. Traditional publishing largely spared the author the burden of promoting their work, but the author paid a high price for that service, sacrificing a major portion of the royalties.  Self-publishing allows much more author control and a larger portion of the profits.

Sapna Ink aspires to bring out the hidden author in you and believes Age is No Barrier to tell people your story. Sapna Ink raises the bar for self- publishers by Not only offering different genre-based packages but also provides an efficient team to work along with you, to your dream come true! Along with an ISBN code, Sapna Ink guarantees the display of your book in 12+ retail stores across India and in our e-commerce portal – and Not only this, Sapna Ink gives you a splendorous book launch with full support. Sapna Ink also has tied up with well-known online portals for authors to showcase their book.

Sapna Ink’s offers a wide opportunity to self-publishers without any hesitation. It provides various platforms for authors, and offers nothing less than the best!


The Self Publishing Cycle

Self-publishing is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry; authors find it attractive for many reasons. Unlike using traditional publishing companies, self-publishing allows the author to be in control of the entire creative and selling process. Sapna Ink’s offers a wide opportunity to self-publishers without any hesitation. It provides various platforms for authors, and offers nothing less than the best!

Step one: Write

It all starts with putting down the creativity flow into words. Once you pick your genre, you just go on with the thoughts as it takes you. There may be minor hindrances like writer’s block as such. Pay no heed and power through.

Step two: Edit

Writing without editing is like getting dressed with your eyes closed, and then leaving the house without looking in the mirror. When drafting, the writer’s focus in inherently narrowed, he/she is focused on expressing the idea more and not on the colons or semicolons, pacing and stylistic consistency. Editing is as important to the vision and message of your book. Good editing will enable your book to shine and will set you apart.

Step three: Proofread

The proofreading process of self-publishing is one of the most crucial steps that should not be overlooked.  Proofreading is the last step that can enhance the author’s reputation for how hard they have worked. Quality proofreading can transform your work into a form of art. This includes changing any spelling or grammatical errors that may have been made. It also involves finding any inconsistencies within the text and verifying facts.

Step Four: Design

A design has a tremendous impact on a book’s appeal and marketability. There are two parts to your book design: the cover and the interior. Bookshops display books with their covers facing the reader. It’s the first thing a reader sees. It is the reason a customer picks up the book, particularly in a supermarket setting where every book is front facing. Even the author can be recognized not only by the letters spelled out but by the font, the style of cover, composition, the look of a series.

Step Five: Production

Once the book has been edited and designed, it will be ready to go off to the production stage. This stage will be responsible for printing and binding it and arranging for its delivery to the publisher’s warehouse.

Step Six: Distribute

Distribution has always been one of the more complex aspects of book publishing, your book must be available for readers to buy, and you’ll want them to be available through every possible channel. The power of distribution when paired with flexible pricing creates an advantageous sales combination for the self-publishing author.

 Step Seven: Publicity

Books can generate more sales if the reader can associate it with the author. Like with any business that has a brand, authors must create a brand for themselves. Having a unique book cover, producing reviews, and creating a social media profiles for your book are all effective book marketing strategies. But, when you combine them with author promotion techniques, you can achieve much more success.

Sapna Ink’s offers a wide opportunity to self-publishers without any hesitation. It provides various platforms for authors, and offers nothing less than the best! Get your own dream team of designers, marketing, editorial and more. Follow the link for more details




How to get rid of writer’s block.


Writer’s blocks can happen to any writer at any point, and last a short duration to (gasp!) years. It’s important to take it in stride and not be discouraged. Take a break or do any of these other 9 things to color your thinking and find your way back.

Here are 10 ways to get your thoughts flowing and clear those blocks so that you can get to work as soon as possible.

  1. Begin tomorrow’s work today

If you’ve finished writing for the day and have ideas or a plan on what to write the next time you’re at your desk, write it down to help you get started faster tomorrow. A few sentences or points should do. This will save time and get you into that head space to begin writing without pause.

  1. Always carry a pen and notebook

Inspiration can strike at anytime. Be prepared to store your thoughts by keeping handy a pen and paper if you’re oldschoolcool, or a nifty app on your phone such as Google Keep, or OneNote. You can always return to your comfort zone later to elaborate on your thoughts.

  1. Write anything

If you’re unsure about where to start, write the first things that pop into your head, all of them. Once the initial clutter is cleared, your mind will guide you to that thread of thought you most need to follow.

  1. Voice your ideas

Telling your friends and family about your ideas and thoughts is an excellent way to stumble upon points that wouldn’t crop up in isolation. People tend to say things that mean the most to them while speaking, and is a great way to find a lead.

  1. Keep your research in order

If you’ve got multiple sources to write your next big piece, using highlighters and colorful post-its are an attractive way of grabbing your attention to things you want to come back to later. Having a pencil around to take notes as you read, is also a way of keeping your thoughts on track.

  1. Review your past writing

Losing that thread of thought can be frustrating. Re-reading past notes and the progress you’ve made so far could get you back on track.

  1. Mind mapping

When your mind is buzzing with a number of ideas, write them all down. You can figure out how to piece them together once you have them down.

  1. Practice

If you’ve just started writing, and are in need of inspiration, writing prompts are the way to go. Simply Google them and begin writing to get your thoughts moving. The more you write, the more your brain is accustomed to think creatively.

  1. Taking a break

We’ve been there where we’ve been writing for a while now, and thoughts simply don’t move. Take a break. Watch a funny video, talk to someone, or nap. Your mind needs to reboot.

  1. Work somewhere else

Grab your things and head to a different spot, be it he library, a quiet corner at work, a coffee shop, or a space with a pleasant view. A change in scenery is at times enough to jog your creativity.  


Sapna Ink – Giving Wings to Your Dreams


Sapna Ink, a self-publishing platform constantly strives to encourage new talented writers to turn their passion into successful books. We assist them on each step and ensure a massive out in front launch. So don’t wait for the book to finish, you keep it alive!

The Fruitful Journey

The experts and professionals will guide and you through the hectic and overwhelming process of editing, proof-reading, designing & marketing.

  • Create: Forget everything else and focus on expressing your story to the masses. Sapna Ink will take care of the rest.
  • Customize: Guidance and help by our talented team will not only make the course easier, but memorable.
  • Celebrate: Publishing, launching and putting the books in both 13+ retail stores and online up for grabs…we’ll do it all.

And before you know it, violà! You’ll be established, writer.

Take a Chance with Your Dreams

Express yourself, write and write some more. Don’t let language be a barrier; Sapna Ink values talent. All languages books are published here. Come be an acclaimed author.

Leave a Mark with Your Story

We will support you till the end. From ensuring you have a smooth passage to the final product, Sapna Ink will make you a self-publisher. Your books will be made available online with one of the most promising e-commerce portals in India. So don’t stop with one book.

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Sapna Ink – Dream and It Will Be True!


Sapna Ink is a platform where it allows the writer to become self-published by assisting them, be it amateurs or even professionals. Sapna Ink helps them launch themselves into the world of knowledge. Leading them through every phase of releasing a book like Proof-Reading, or Editing, Designing and finally Marketing the book.

Sapna Ink does all the background work, and all you’ve got to do is come up with a manuscript. Watch as Sapna helps your dreams and your creativity come to life across more than 12+ retail shops in India in the form of a dashing and an exciting new book !

A Guide

Sapna Ink also helps out many aspiring writers and dreamers by giving them helpful tips on how to be more creative or help them get in touch with famous personalities for some successful author tips and more!

Thus, this is your chance to live your dreams and make it big. Sapna Ink is definitely a gift for all writers, old and new, as an opportunity to do what they do best and bring it out in the form of a book . And thus allowing many readers across India to enjoy it!

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Become An Author in 7 Days with SapnaInk!


Is it your ambition to become an author or even better, an author in 7 days? If yes then you should collaborate with SapnaInk. It is known to make dreams come true and helps budding writers stand out from the crowd.

How Does SapnaInk Help?

SapnaInk creates a foundation for you to work on. Once you have established a solid one you get to grow and expand your horizons as well as your reach and level of fame

How Do I Become An Author?

The talent part is your forte. Our job is to help develop your skills and extract all the goodness from you to become a better writer or author. This is easier said than done but we manage to do the seemingly impossible in just seven days.

What Makes Us An excellent Platform?

We provide authors with a very stable and sound foundation to help them set a reputation in the market. We also polish you in such a way that you do only the best work.

We do not believe in quantity but quality. Our goal is not to push you to the limit but push you to the realm you didn’t even know you could cross.

Why Choose us?

SapnaInk is an incredible career scope for you. It is up to you whether you decide to mingle with us and if you do, we are definitely going to stand behind you 100 percent.Write your story and leave the rest to us!  Sapna Ink gives you a complete package that covers the entire process from editing to marketing your book. Just write your story and let us help you make a mark in this bookish world!
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Sanjay Koppikar – One Man Many Roles

Sanjay Koppikar  is a Bangalore based entrepreneur, author, storyteller. From the city of Dharwad, Karnataka; Sanjay has nearly 25 years of experience in different areas of IT industry. SapnaINK shares some titbit about his upcoming book which is a SciFi thriller based on Nano technology along with his journey as a writer, his inspiration and much more…

  • Tell us about your latest book?
    The story covers a personal account of a Young Doctor as she meets a brilliant scientist working on a Nano Technology project. The story uncovers the greater impact his inventions across the health care system and his challenge of leveraging it to his advantage or greater good; her dilemma between two men in her life; and an army general’s dilemma of saving the nation by fighting his own colleagues to save them from an imminent disaster.
  • When and why did you begin writing this novel?
    This story came to me in 2011 while I was waiting for my flight from Delhi. I wrote the entire synopsis on my Blackberry while I was in the flight and sent it as a mail to my wife! Then I started writing it later part of 2011 and then after multiple re-writes and reviews, it got frozen in later part of 2015.
  • When did you first consider yourself a writer?
    I am not sure if I still consider myself as a writer. I consider myself more of a storyteller that managed to write something finally. I keep creating a lot of stories in my mind to keep myself and my family/friends amused. Some of them turn out to be good and then they force me to write it in to a novel!


  • What inspired you to write your first book?
    First published book, “Bangalored”, was an interesting case. I had a lot of data to show how Bangalore was growing in to its own peril of self-destruction. Land grab, greed, jumping jobs in IT, water crisis, traffic and many more was growing making Bangalore lose its moral as well as physical strength as a strong city. And I saw our own hand in creating this monster! Each one of us were at the root of these problems in some form or the other.
    Instead of publishing this as a non-fiction based on statistics, I thought of a story that represented the growth and the decline with our part in it. And since I am an eternal optimist, I had to put the brighter side of it. And I did.
  • How did you come up with the title?
    The current book ‘Divided Minds’ was suggested by our friend and an author. Since this book had so many situations where dilemma of the mind was at its paramount – we had to show this even in the title. It fit wonderfully well.
  • Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
    No ‘moral of the story’ as such! But it is a scifi turned in to simple to read fiction which even a non-sci-fi reader would enjoy.
    But the inventions created in this book has been a phenomenal one as I found an Israel company trying to emulate a similar technology!
  • What books have most influenced your life most?
    Many books have influenced me over the years. One of the most important books for me has been ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey.
  • If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
    I am not sure – I get excited by any good story! May be life, if personified, itself as an author is the most influential part in any author’s life, I suppose!
    If given a chance, may be it would be Dan Brown. I would love to learn how he creates the pressure and scene around you just using those words
  • Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
    Indian authors, yes – Amish and Ashwin Sanghi are few of them for sure.
  • If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
    I am not sure as I had taken so much of time to change it multiple times! Yes – I would have loved to put more action and pace in it than what it already has. If I had done it, it would have been a Hollywood action movie!
  • Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
    We as a family have always been interested in storytelling and writing. My mom wrote some. My elder sister wrote quite often too. Most importantly, I had a neighbor who was a phenomenal storyteller – Mr.Ganesh Burde. He never published his book, by the way! But he wrote it just for himself and his admirers. He created stories of virtually anything! That was I think what rubbed me for good.
  • Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?
    Yes and no. I travel much – yes. But haven’t done that yet for a book. Since I run a software company as a CEO, I travel a lot. But that gives me a lot of time to write while on travel.
    One of my next planned books is a travelogue based on one girl’s real life experiences. So I may plan to travel as well for that.
  • What was the hardest part of writing your book?
    Reviewing! Every time I reviewed, I felt something was missing! Hence, it kept changing its shape and form. Hence, you had to realign everything once again with the changed perspective. That took a long time for me for both of my books. It took at least 4 years to take shape and come out!
  • Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
    A lot. Starting with simple grammar to start with; while editing the book my editors and reviewers gave a lot of feedback on the use of proper language!
    Every topic needs a lot of background study for correctness when we publish – even though they are works of fiction.
    For example, in this book, Divided Minds, I had to imagine a Nanobot that would be injected into bloodstream! To make it feel real, I had to understand what is being done in the field, how will the Nanobot get its power, how does it communicate, how will it adjust with the WBC once introduced etc.
    In the next book that is under writing called ‘My Dream Job’, I have to study a lot about mental illness including sleep disorder, depression, dual personality syndrome, schizophrenia among lot of other things.
  • Do you have any advice for other writers?
    Being an Entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, I see everything as a startup. For me, each of the books I write is a startup that I co-found it with my editors, reviewers, publishers, marketing team etc. That,then becomes an important product to be consumed by readers. Hence, feedback becomes an important aspect. That becomes your ingredient and learning for the next startup – in other words your next book.
  • Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
    I hope people like this book. I would request them to read and more importantly, let me know their thoughts regardless of their praise or criticism. They’ll help me grow as an author and a storyteller. I have already discussed a sequel for the book, if I get a favorable response. The sequel takes the concept to a new level altogether with much bigger shock value!


Make Your Dreams Come Alive With Sapna Ink


For all Dreamers and aspiring writers, here is a chance to achieve what you have always wanted through the exemplary services at SapnaInk.

The Team of Sapna Ink has relentlessly made efforts in self- publishing your dream book as an author. The services offered by this creative group have literally made people believe in the phrase of ‘Dream and it will be true’.

Services offered by SapnaInk

  • Introducing a great concept for the Indian market, SapnaInk has actually gone leaps and bounds ahead with Creativity.
  • They have given people more than a vivid picture of How To Be More Creative, along with being unique and determined in their way.
  • For hopeful writers, who candidly wish to make a mark for themselves, SapnaInk provides you with Successful Author Tips.

Welcome Creativity with Dreams

  • At SapnaInk, you can undoubtedly let your Creativity Outburst reveal itself. Their team welcomes that with utmost warmth and confidence.
  • You are offered with some of the best self-publishing packages, which eminently help a large network of authors.
  • Right from marketing, editing to offering you with some inordinate publishing services, SapnaInk is the destination for outstanding value of services.

For writers who do not have the right connections to either edit their draft or publish their book for them, stop worrying and continue writing. If you are looking for all the right sources and guidance for a successfully published book, look no more. SapnaInk does much more than that for Creative authors worldwide with absolute dedication and hard work. Visit for more details.

Be a Self Publisher and Give Wings to Your Literary Dreams


Finding a publisher for your story can be a tough deal. Often, budding writers had to face rejections that dampen their spirit. However, you can always be a self-publisher and get your story out there!  

Almost everyone has a story to tell. However, there are a few who are capable of creating stories and express them through the language of literature.

However, getting your novel or stories to print is often an arduous task. Publishers don’t always seem excited about publishing the work of a completely new writer.

Keep Your Dream Alive with Self Publishing

If you want to express yourself through your literature, finding a publisher is not the only option. You can be a self publisher.

As the Indian literary grows more diverse, a lot of writers are turning towards self publishing.

A number of self-publishing companies, like SapnaInk, are coming to the scene. They are helping writers realize their dream of being published.

Does Self-Publishing Make Sense?

There are number of advantages of self-publishing with SapnaInk. These make self-publishing the best bet for writers.

  • You stay in control of your story.
  • You get help by a talented team in designing your book and the marketing your book.
  • SapnaInk guarantees you a place on the racks of the bookstores of Sapna Retail and others.
  • SapnaInk has all languages published. This means you have your work published in any Indian language.

Stay at It!

If you have stories that you want to tell, don’t stop. Don’t stop with one book. Continue to explore your creative side as SapnaInk would ensure you reach your audience.So pick up your pen, be a self publisher and bring all your ideas to life! Create your Story!
Customize your design! Celebrate Your Book Launch!  In just 7 days! Know more at



A medico-legal thriller titled ‘The Oath’ by Kalyan C. Kankanala


Kalyan C. Kankanala  a self-publisher from Bangalore shares tit bits about his latest book with a medico-legal thriller titled ‘The Oath’. The story revolves around The protagonist Dr.Krishna, a conscientious doctor, is arrested and put on trial for treating naxalites, a banned people war group. Many police officers are killed in an encounter with naxalites, and the police are looking for payback. They want Dr. Krishna to pay for helping naxalites, to pay for the deaths of their men, and to pay for their helplessness. They mount irrefutable evidence against Dr. Krishna, and the Public Prosecutor has never lost a case. Set in Zala, the hot bed of naxal activity in the state of Andhra Pradesh, The Oath narrates a gripping, entertaining and intellectually stimulating tale of the clash between Medicine and Law.

When asked how did the author begin writing? His simple reply was well, I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was a child. It brings me immense joy. While writing non-fiction helps me understand a concept better, I find writing fiction a great way to imagine and express.

The self-publisher considered himself as a writer back in school. He remembers he was probably 10 or 11, when he wrote an article for the school magazine. His first book Road Humps and Sidewalks was a pharma patent thriller. It revolves around the theme of patents and access to medicines, a highly debated subject in the Indian context. The importance of the topic inspired me to complete my first work diligently.

Asking him further about his upcoming novel , the author expounds the clash between medical and legal oaths, and how he felt that The Oath as a title captures the essence well. The book highlights the significance of professional ethics and that the commitment to human life trumps any law. Like all fictional work this book too derives its inspiration from real people and their experiences. The book is partly based on the authors father’s experiences as a doctor and is very close to my heart.

The book that has influenced my life the most is definitely All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot.  I have also always admired Alistair Maclean’s work. He is one person who has mastered the art of suspense story-telling. I recommend his work to all young authors.

When asked about travelling somewhere just for the book; the author said; Yes, I do have to travel sometimes for a book. Sometimes to immerse yourself in a story or to stay true to the story it helps if you have the right surroundings. Any author would know how important it is to set the right tone for a book and getting a feel of the place, one is setting their story in, is definitely crucial.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? Finding the right editor definitely posed considerable challenges, but I’m glad we found someone great like SapnaINK. Writing can be a cathartic experience I feel. But what I learnt the most was that writing is a disciplined art. If you love to write, if it brings you joy then you should go ahead. It’s just that simple.

The author concludes with a small note for his readers. I hope they like the book. I look forward to their comments and feedback; it would certainly help me grow or improve as an author.