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Tired of drafting and sending proposals, selections from your book to publishers and then waiting to see if your book is approved for publishing or rejected by them!  Then tell your story to the world through Sapna Ink.  We value your time.

Sapna Ink is a part of Sapna Book Store. Famous writers like Ruskin Bond prefer us over other publishing houses as their launch pad.

Comprehensive Package Rates for a Self-Publisher

We offer a unique self-publishing package to aspiring and renowned writers.  We have set up effective teams to look into all aspects of your publishing, as follows:

  • Editorial team.
  • Design team to take care of book cover, illustrations, and page layouts according to the genre of the book.
  • Marketing team which has a guaranteed book display in all our 12+ retail outlets and e-commerce portals –, Also, promote the author and his book on social media platforms. We also distribute your books to libraries.

We also offer an

  • Exclusive Promotion Kit which includes bookmarks, author cards, book stubs, flyers and posters to help you reach a wider audience.
  • ISBN number for every book.

Free author copies

  • We also provide a large number of free author copies to our clients.

Welcome to Sapna Ink

We value your time ! Traditional publishing has a major drawback in that you have to wait for a long time for your book to be approved and published.  Get yourself published through Sapna Ink’s effective team for the assistance of experts and also receive free author copies. The cost according to the genre is available at our website.

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Know about the Types of Papers

papersTypes of Paper :

Papers are characterized by their weight. Before selling to selling a customer, papers are cut into varying sizes and weight is measured for a ream. A ream is a bundle of 500 sheets.

Density of Paper or Thickness of Paper :

The density or thickness is denoted as grams per cubic meter. The paper density ranges from 250 kg/m3 (for tissue paper) to 1500 kg/m3 for some specialty paper. The density of paper used for printing is about 800 kg/m3.

Here are some types of papers :

  • Bank Paper
  • Bond Paper
  • Book Paper
  • Cotton Paper
  • Electronic Paper
  • Fish Paper
  • Inkjet Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Wallpapers
  • Wax Paper

Let us see in detail about some of the papers.

Bank Paper : These types of papers are thin strong writing paper of less than 50g/m2. It is commonly used for typewriting and correspondence.

Bond Paper : These are high-quality durable writing papers similar to bank paper, but having a weight greater than 50g/m2.  These papers are used for letterheads, for electronic printers and other stationary. It is made from rag pulp, which produces a stronger paper than wood pulp.

Book Paper : These papers are specially designed for publication of printed books. Generally, book papers are low white or off white, which is easier to read. These papers are opaque to minimize the show through of text from one side of the page to another side of the page. Usually, these papers are made to the tighter caliper (thickness of the sheet), especially for case bound books. These book papers are light weight papers.

Cotton Paper : These papers are made from 100% cotton fibers. It has a superior quality in durability and in strength compared to the wood-pulp papers. Wood-pulp papers may contain the high concentration of acids. These cotton fiber papers are known to last for several hundred years without discoloring, fading or decaying. So these papers are often used for important documents.
Inkjet Paper : These papers are designed for inkjet printers. Typically classified by its brightness, smoothness, weight.

Kraft Paper : This paper is usually brown in color. But, it can be bleached to produce white paper. These are made from wood pulp. These papers are used for paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, and other packing purposes.

Paper Towel : It is a disposable product made from paper. These Paper towels serve like conventional towels. It can be used for drying hands, wiping windows and dusting. These paper towels are disposable.

Wallpaper : These wallpapers are used to decorate the interiors. Walls of homes, offices and other buildings like restaurants, shops.

Wax Paper :  These papers are made moisture proof through the application of wax. These Wax Papers are commonly used in cooking, and wrapping food for storage. It keeps water out or in. It is also used in crafts and arts.

Sapna INK is publishing its books with high-quality book papers. It is the place, where you can publish your books on different platforms. Select from the different packages of Sapna INK and it will be displayed in the racks of India’s largest Bookstore with famous authors.


Planning to market your book ?

sapna ink book market

Team up your creativity with your business brain to market your books. Quick tips to help you market your book from the expert marketing team from Sapna INK.

Promote Professionally  : Grab the attention of people by series of posters, bookmarks and business cards.

Select Places to sell your books : Take your books to the local stores and hotels. If the book is about a historical period or any historical event, approach a museum nearby.

Social Media Pages : To communicate with your readers and to market your book – the great place would be social media like Facebook. Post different versions of your book’s cover pages to attract the readers.

Blog or Website : Writing a blog / website will present you as an expert. This will help you to reach your readers closely.

Email Signature : An easy way to invite or attract people to check for your latest updates on your books is, adding your website link or blog link in your email signature.

Book Clubs / Readers Club : Approach your local book club or readers club, whether they are interested in reading your book / novel as their next read.

Give a talk at a library, local school : Market your book by talking about the process in a nearby library. Share your experience about writing, to the local school students, if the book is relevant to them.

Press Release : Prepare a professional Advance Information sheet and send it to booksellers. It should contain the important informations like ISBN number, Price, announcement of release date and some info about you. Send a well written press release to newspapers and magazines with good images. It will be a great way to market your book a little wider.

By selecting Sapna INK, as your publisher, your book is open to a wide range of readers in all platforms. It will be displayed in a rack with best selling authors. For more details about selecting a package for publishing your book, visit

Tips to overcome your Self-Publishing Fears

sapna ink

Do you have Self-Publishing fears? No one else will write your book for you. Most of the best selling self-published authors admit about not having any experience before they started. There isn’t special “code to success”. Here are some tips for you.

Test It : Writing is a kind of intensely private experience, which can be happily shared. Showing someone your work, can make you feel vulnerable. If you are facing this problem or fear, it means you aren’t ready to share your writing.

To overcome this, create a blog where you upload your creative writing, flash fiction, small poems. It will be published for anyone to see and comment on it. You could also submit articles for magazines. Do not worry about the rejections. Every writing comes with rejection at some point.

Interact : Interact with the self-publishing  community people. Speaking your ideas will make them to have a clear idea about your writings. They may tell you, if they think about some place in the market for your book . Talk to the book sellers. They know what sells well and which are popular. Talk to the readers. Search for readers online – like on some social pages, Pinterest and check for what they talk or chat about other similar authors and their blogs. Draft content for them and make them to read your article.

Build Confidence : Never think about negative feedback. “What if no readers likes my story / book”. Most of the new self-publishing authors will worry about trusting. That is passing the projects to other people (that is publishers). But it is an important process if you want a professional author career. By collaborating with publishers you ensure that you give your book / story what it deserves with industry standards.

To reduce your fears on self-publishing, trust your gut with the help you decided to go for. Check for the publisher’s customer service, verify whether they show their process by stage, view their previous work or their sample work. These analysis will help you get rid off the anxieties at handing over your precious manuscripts to them.

Self-Publishing your book is a learning process. You will make mistakes along the way, but it will help you to get information and guidance. And it is a good idea to learn from the successful writers in the industry. Visit and get some expert guidance on your first novel.

We, Sapna INK welcome writing projects at all stages of the process. Check out the testimonial about us, from the authors of the industry and be sure that your book is in safe hands.

Writing Your first Novel ?


Here are some points for you from a best selling author :

  1. Stop planning, start writing :

Do not spend decades of time on thinking about writing novels. Just start writing. Which group you belong to ? Talking about writing a novel or who actually do it.

  1. Draft a mission statement

Write a mission statement and follow that to complete writing. Draft a contract for yourself. Complete the mission with the contract on mind. Keep the motivating words in your contract -” Start”, “Finish”, “Publish”, “WIthin a year”. These will help you to set up a goal or deadline. Take the process seriously.

  1. The Secret – is writing

You can not crack a perfect prose daily. But it is important to keep practicing it everyday. Sometimes bad writing eventually leads to good writing and paragraphs eventually add up to pages and it will lead to a finished novel.

  1. Write with your eraser ( or delete / backspace button)

Write the characters, chapters and situations. You will complete it by 800 – 1000 pages. When you finish the book it will come to 250 – 350 pages. It may hurt for every omission or deletion. But the finished book – the final one is better for all the cuts.

  1. There is no 1 right way to write

Some writers will decide about the characters and situations on the novel. But it is not mandatory to have the characters or ideas in advance to start a novel. Sometimes the character itself will take you to the next level of the novel. The situations in the novel itself will guide us to take a lead from it to proceed further.

  1. Milestones of your writing process – Celebrate it.

Once you have completed a chapter or finished drafting, celebrate that moment to encourage yourself. Uncork a bottle of Champagne. When you finalize and finished drafting take yourself and some important people in your writing process out for dinner.

When you have finished the manuscripts, bring it to us – Sapna INK, we will transform it to you a best novel / book of you. The added advantage of publishing with Sapna INK is, your book is displayed for a wide range of readers, viewers in all the platforms of Sapna. For more details about pricing packages, visit

Love narrating horror stories? Become a Best Selling Horror Storywriter with SapnaINK!


Try your destiny as an author in the field of horror stories with SapnaINK. We are here to help you become a budding writer in any way we can!

Some know the art of narrating horror stories that run chills down the spine and make every hair on your arms, as well as neck, stand up.

If you are one of these people, I have got news for you! You can pen it down and become a well-known author as well as a best seller at SapnaINK. You could also become a self-publisher.

How To Get Started

First of all, if you have got the skills and talent to together words, story ideas as well as plots in such a way to scare the living ‘hell’ out of anyone, you have definitely got to sign up with SapnaINK and get started.

Tips To Becoming a Best Seller

Just keep your creativity alive. Being a budding author can take time (either you are born with the skills or you learn them) either way, you have got to work for it.

Tools for Budding Authors

Practice writing as much and wherever you can. Do not hesitate to think out of the box. SapnaINK likes dedicated budding authors who think different and make fiction come to life on paper.

In no time, SapnaINK will churn you into a best seller and will ensure success. Visit and read more.

In The Journey Of Being A Writer


Many dream of becoming an author but is it really easy being one? The answer to that is quite vague actually because it depends on your skills, talent, and creativity. Other than that self-guidance, and support and guidance from peers as well as family members is also imperative. Delve deeper into this article to identify the different aspects of being a writer.

Don’t Have Any Support?

Truth be told, if you wish to do something you dream of then, you can.

Sure, it would be a lot easier and better if you had your family’s support but even if they do not support you can guide yourself and maybe take help from SapnaINK, a site that can help you become a profound author in a matter of time

What Qualities Must An Author Have?

An author must be creative, lucrative and have patience. You can’t expect ideas to fill your mind in one day.  Self-publishing can be quite a tedious task, but once you get the hold of it, you can separate tides.

Guidance from books or website comes in handy when you are a single author without any support from anyone.

How Helpful is SapnaINK?

SapnaINK is quite helpful. Many no-name authors have established their mark by giving this site a chance. You can learn a big deal about writing, and you also get to focus on your strengths and weaknesses then work on those areas you ‘lack’ potential.

Do not worry if you have to self-publish your own work. Once you get the hold of writing, you can do better than a well-known author. Visit and read more…

Become An Author in 7 Days with SapnaInk!


Is it your ambition to become an author or even better, an author in 7 days? If yes then you should collaborate with SapnaInk. It is known to make dreams come true and helps budding writers stand out from the crowd.

How Does SapnaInk Help?

SapnaInk creates a foundation for you to work on. Once you have established a solid one you get to grow and expand your horizons as well as your reach and level of fame

How Do I Become An Author?

The talent part is your forte. Our job is to help develop your skills and extract all the goodness from you to become a better writer or author. This is easier said than done but we manage to do the seemingly impossible in just seven days.

What Makes Us An excellent Platform?

We provide authors with a very stable and sound foundation to help them set a reputation in the market. We also polish you in such a way that you do only the best work.

We do not believe in quantity but quality. Our goal is not to push you to the limit but push you to the realm you didn’t even know you could cross.

Why Choose us?

SapnaInk is an incredible career scope for you. It is up to you whether you decide to mingle with us and if you do, we are definitely going to stand behind you 100 percent.Write your story and leave the rest to us!  Sapna Ink gives you a complete package that covers the entire process from editing to marketing your book. Just write your story and let us help you make a mark in this bookish world!
Just log onto for more details.

Sanjay Koppikar – One Man Many Roles

Sanjay Koppikar  is a Bangalore based entrepreneur, author, storyteller. From the city of Dharwad, Karnataka; Sanjay has nearly 25 years of experience in different areas of IT industry. SapnaINK shares some titbit about his upcoming book which is a SciFi thriller based on Nano technology along with his journey as a writer, his inspiration and much more…

  • Tell us about your latest book?
    The story covers a personal account of a Young Doctor as she meets a brilliant scientist working on a Nano Technology project. The story uncovers the greater impact his inventions across the health care system and his challenge of leveraging it to his advantage or greater good; her dilemma between two men in her life; and an army general’s dilemma of saving the nation by fighting his own colleagues to save them from an imminent disaster.
  • When and why did you begin writing this novel?
    This story came to me in 2011 while I was waiting for my flight from Delhi. I wrote the entire synopsis on my Blackberry while I was in the flight and sent it as a mail to my wife! Then I started writing it later part of 2011 and then after multiple re-writes and reviews, it got frozen in later part of 2015.
  • When did you first consider yourself a writer?
    I am not sure if I still consider myself as a writer. I consider myself more of a storyteller that managed to write something finally. I keep creating a lot of stories in my mind to keep myself and my family/friends amused. Some of them turn out to be good and then they force me to write it in to a novel!


  • What inspired you to write your first book?
    First published book, “Bangalored”, was an interesting case. I had a lot of data to show how Bangalore was growing in to its own peril of self-destruction. Land grab, greed, jumping jobs in IT, water crisis, traffic and many more was growing making Bangalore lose its moral as well as physical strength as a strong city. And I saw our own hand in creating this monster! Each one of us were at the root of these problems in some form or the other.
    Instead of publishing this as a non-fiction based on statistics, I thought of a story that represented the growth and the decline with our part in it. And since I am an eternal optimist, I had to put the brighter side of it. And I did.
  • How did you come up with the title?
    The current book ‘Divided Minds’ was suggested by our friend and an author. Since this book had so many situations where dilemma of the mind was at its paramount – we had to show this even in the title. It fit wonderfully well.
  • Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
    No ‘moral of the story’ as such! But it is a scifi turned in to simple to read fiction which even a non-sci-fi reader would enjoy.
    But the inventions created in this book has been a phenomenal one as I found an Israel company trying to emulate a similar technology!
  • What books have most influenced your life most?
    Many books have influenced me over the years. One of the most important books for me has been ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey.
  • If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
    I am not sure – I get excited by any good story! May be life, if personified, itself as an author is the most influential part in any author’s life, I suppose!
    If given a chance, may be it would be Dan Brown. I would love to learn how he creates the pressure and scene around you just using those words
  • Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
    Indian authors, yes – Amish and Ashwin Sanghi are few of them for sure.
  • If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
    I am not sure as I had taken so much of time to change it multiple times! Yes – I would have loved to put more action and pace in it than what it already has. If I had done it, it would have been a Hollywood action movie!
  • Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
    We as a family have always been interested in storytelling and writing. My mom wrote some. My elder sister wrote quite often too. Most importantly, I had a neighbor who was a phenomenal storyteller – Mr.Ganesh Burde. He never published his book, by the way! But he wrote it just for himself and his admirers. He created stories of virtually anything! That was I think what rubbed me for good.
  • Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?
    Yes and no. I travel much – yes. But haven’t done that yet for a book. Since I run a software company as a CEO, I travel a lot. But that gives me a lot of time to write while on travel.
    One of my next planned books is a travelogue based on one girl’s real life experiences. So I may plan to travel as well for that.
  • What was the hardest part of writing your book?
    Reviewing! Every time I reviewed, I felt something was missing! Hence, it kept changing its shape and form. Hence, you had to realign everything once again with the changed perspective. That took a long time for me for both of my books. It took at least 4 years to take shape and come out!
  • Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
    A lot. Starting with simple grammar to start with; while editing the book my editors and reviewers gave a lot of feedback on the use of proper language!
    Every topic needs a lot of background study for correctness when we publish – even though they are works of fiction.
    For example, in this book, Divided Minds, I had to imagine a Nanobot that would be injected into bloodstream! To make it feel real, I had to understand what is being done in the field, how will the Nanobot get its power, how does it communicate, how will it adjust with the WBC once introduced etc.
    In the next book that is under writing called ‘My Dream Job’, I have to study a lot about mental illness including sleep disorder, depression, dual personality syndrome, schizophrenia among lot of other things.
  • Do you have any advice for other writers?
    Being an Entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, I see everything as a startup. For me, each of the books I write is a startup that I co-found it with my editors, reviewers, publishers, marketing team etc. That,then becomes an important product to be consumed by readers. Hence, feedback becomes an important aspect. That becomes your ingredient and learning for the next startup – in other words your next book.
  • Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
    I hope people like this book. I would request them to read and more importantly, let me know their thoughts regardless of their praise or criticism. They’ll help me grow as an author and a storyteller. I have already discussed a sequel for the book, if I get a favorable response. The sequel takes the concept to a new level altogether with much bigger shock value!


We publish your book! Yes, we do.

10660103_985077061528412_5416014813887312738_n (1).jpg

Is it your ambition to become an author or even better, an author in 7 days? If yes then you should collaborate with SapnaINK. It is known to make dreams come true and helps budding writers stand out from the crowd.

SapnaINK creates a foundation for you to work on. Once you have established a solid one you get to grow and expand your horizons as well as your reach and level of fame

The talent part is your forte. SapnaINK helps develop your skills and extract all the goodness from you to become a better writer or author. This is easier said than done but we manage to do the seemingly impossible in just seven days.

SapnaINK provide authors with a very stable and sound foundation to help them set a reputation in the market. We also polish you in such a way that you do only the best work.

We do not believe in quantity but quality. Our goal is not to push you to the limit but push you to the realm you didn’t even know you could cross.

SapnaINK is an incredible career scope for you. It is up to you whether you decide to mingle with us and if you do, we are definitely going to stand behind you 100 percent. Visit and know more.