It’s Time To Write A Novel


If you are a writer, well you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But just to confirm, do you find kicking yourself for not writing while going through your daily life? Or do you wonder why you have not written the novel you just read?

If you found yourself nodding along to these signs, it’s time to write, then forget everything else and do exactly that.

Sapnaink is a Platform for Aspiring Writers Like You

Writers who want reach an audience as fast as they can and are not willing go through the laborious task of finding an agent, then a publisher, then seeing their approval and praying then for everything to fall place.

Sapna Ink assembles a team to ensure that your book has everything that is given by traditional publishers. Proofreading, cover designing, publicity – all pave the way for your book project to be successful. What is more, your book will be displayed in their retail and online stores.

There are multiple packages that you can choose from. Some packages even provide book launch events, but at a slightly higher cost.

So now all you need is to gather your writing tools, have some clarity in thought and depict all of those with your hands.

Sapna Ink – Giving Wings to Your Dreams


Sapna Ink, a self-publishing platform constantly strives to encourage new talented writers to turn their passion into successful books. We assist them on each step and ensure a massive out in front launch. So don’t wait for the book to finish, you keep it alive!

The Fruitful Journey

The experts and professionals will guide and you through the hectic and overwhelming process of editing, proof-reading, designing & marketing.

  • Create: Forget everything else and focus on expressing your story to the masses. Sapna Ink will take care of the rest.
  • Customize: Guidance and help by our talented team will not only make the course easier, but memorable.
  • Celebrate: Publishing, launching and putting the books in both 13+ retail stores and online up for grabs…we’ll do it all.

And before you know it, violà! You’ll be established, writer.

Take a Chance with Your Dreams

Express yourself, write and write some more. Don’t let language be a barrier; Sapna Ink values talent. All languages books are published here. Come be an acclaimed author.

Leave a Mark with Your Story

We will support you till the end. From ensuring you have a smooth passage to the final product, Sapna Ink will make you a self-publisher. Your books will be made available online with one of the most promising e-commerce portals in India. So don’t stop with one book.

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Sapna Ink – Dream and It Will Be True!


Sapna Ink is a platform where it allows the writer to become self-published by assisting them, be it amateurs or even professionals. Sapna Ink helps them launch themselves into the world of knowledge. Leading them through every phase of releasing a book like Proof-Reading, or Editing, Designing and finally Marketing the book.

Sapna Ink does all the background work, and all you’ve got to do is come up with a manuscript. Watch as Sapna helps your dreams and your creativity come to life across more than 12+ retail shops in India in the form of a dashing and an exciting new book !

A Guide

Sapna Ink also helps out many aspiring writers and dreamers by giving them helpful tips on how to be more creative or help them get in touch with famous personalities for some successful author tips and more!

Thus, this is your chance to live your dreams and make it big. Sapna Ink is definitely a gift for all writers, old and new, as an opportunity to do what they do best and bring it out in the form of a book . And thus allowing many readers across India to enjoy it!

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Get yourself published through Sapna Ink


Tired of drafting and sending proposals, selections from your book to publishers and then waiting to see if your book is approved for publishing or rejected by them!  Then tell your story to the world through Sapna Ink.  We value your time.

Sapna Ink is a part of Sapna Book Store. Famous writers like Ruskin Bond prefer us over other publishing houses as their launch pad.

Comprehensive Package Rates for a Self-Publisher

We offer a unique self-publishing package to aspiring and renowned writers.  We have set up effective teams to look into all aspects of your publishing, as follows:

  • Editorial team.
  • Design team to take care of book cover, illustrations, and page layouts according to the genre of the book.
  • Marketing team which has a guaranteed book display in all our 12+ retail outlets and e-commerce portals –, Also, promote the author and his book on social media platforms. We also distribute your books to libraries.

We also offer an

  • Exclusive Promotion Kit which includes bookmarks, author cards, book stubs, flyers and posters to help you reach a wider audience.
  • ISBN number for every book.

Free author copies

  • We also provide a large number of free author copies to our clients.

Welcome to Sapna Ink

We value your time ! Traditional publishing has a major drawback in that you have to wait for a long time for your book to be approved and published.  Get yourself published through Sapna Ink’s effective team for the assistance of experts and also receive free author copies. The cost according to the genre is available at our website.

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Know about the Types of Papers

papersTypes of Paper :

Papers are characterized by their weight. Before selling to selling a customer, papers are cut into varying sizes and weight is measured for a ream. A ream is a bundle of 500 sheets.

Density of Paper or Thickness of Paper :

The density or thickness is denoted as grams per cubic meter. The paper density ranges from 250 kg/m3 (for tissue paper) to 1500 kg/m3 for some specialty paper. The density of paper used for printing is about 800 kg/m3.

Here are some types of papers :

  • Bank Paper
  • Bond Paper
  • Book Paper
  • Cotton Paper
  • Electronic Paper
  • Fish Paper
  • Inkjet Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Wallpapers
  • Wax Paper

Let us see in detail about some of the papers.

Bank Paper : These types of papers are thin strong writing paper of less than 50g/m2. It is commonly used for typewriting and correspondence.

Bond Paper : These are high-quality durable writing papers similar to bank paper, but having a weight greater than 50g/m2.  These papers are used for letterheads, for electronic printers and other stationary. It is made from rag pulp, which produces a stronger paper than wood pulp.

Book Paper : These papers are specially designed for publication of printed books. Generally, book papers are low white or off white, which is easier to read. These papers are opaque to minimize the show through of text from one side of the page to another side of the page. Usually, these papers are made to the tighter caliper (thickness of the sheet), especially for case bound books. These book papers are light weight papers.

Cotton Paper : These papers are made from 100% cotton fibers. It has a superior quality in durability and in strength compared to the wood-pulp papers. Wood-pulp papers may contain the high concentration of acids. These cotton fiber papers are known to last for several hundred years without discoloring, fading or decaying. So these papers are often used for important documents.
Inkjet Paper : These papers are designed for inkjet printers. Typically classified by its brightness, smoothness, weight.

Kraft Paper : This paper is usually brown in color. But, it can be bleached to produce white paper. These are made from wood pulp. These papers are used for paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, and other packing purposes.

Paper Towel : It is a disposable product made from paper. These Paper towels serve like conventional towels. It can be used for drying hands, wiping windows and dusting. These paper towels are disposable.

Wallpaper : These wallpapers are used to decorate the interiors. Walls of homes, offices and other buildings like restaurants, shops.

Wax Paper :  These papers are made moisture proof through the application of wax. These Wax Papers are commonly used in cooking, and wrapping food for storage. It keeps water out or in. It is also used in crafts and arts.

Sapna INK is publishing its books with high-quality book papers. It is the place, where you can publish your books on different platforms. Select from the different packages of Sapna INK and it will be displayed in the racks of India’s largest Bookstore with famous authors.


Planning to market your book ?

sapna ink book market

Team up your creativity with your business brain to market your books. Quick tips to help you market your book from the expert marketing team from Sapna INK.

Promote Professionally  : Grab the attention of people by series of posters, bookmarks and business cards.

Select Places to sell your books : Take your books to the local stores and hotels. If the book is about a historical period or any historical event, approach a museum nearby.

Social Media Pages : To communicate with your readers and to market your book – the great place would be social media like Facebook. Post different versions of your book’s cover pages to attract the readers.

Blog or Website : Writing a blog / website will present you as an expert. This will help you to reach your readers closely.

Email Signature : An easy way to invite or attract people to check for your latest updates on your books is, adding your website link or blog link in your email signature.

Book Clubs / Readers Club : Approach your local book club or readers club, whether they are interested in reading your book / novel as their next read.

Give a talk at a library, local school : Market your book by talking about the process in a nearby library. Share your experience about writing, to the local school students, if the book is relevant to them.

Press Release : Prepare a professional Advance Information sheet and send it to booksellers. It should contain the important informations like ISBN number, Price, announcement of release date and some info about you. Send a well written press release to newspapers and magazines with good images. It will be a great way to market your book a little wider.

By selecting Sapna INK, as your publisher, your book is open to a wide range of readers in all platforms. It will be displayed in a rack with best selling authors. For more details about selecting a package for publishing your book, visit

Tips to overcome your Self-Publishing Fears

sapna ink

Do you have Self-Publishing fears? No one else will write your book for you. Most of the best selling self-published authors admit about not having any experience before they started. There isn’t special “code to success”. Here are some tips for you.

Test It : Writing is a kind of intensely private experience, which can be happily shared. Showing someone your work, can make you feel vulnerable. If you are facing this problem or fear, it means you aren’t ready to share your writing.

To overcome this, create a blog where you upload your creative writing, flash fiction, small poems. It will be published for anyone to see and comment on it. You could also submit articles for magazines. Do not worry about the rejections. Every writing comes with rejection at some point.

Interact : Interact with the self-publishing  community people. Speaking your ideas will make them to have a clear idea about your writings. They may tell you, if they think about some place in the market for your book . Talk to the book sellers. They know what sells well and which are popular. Talk to the readers. Search for readers online – like on some social pages, Pinterest and check for what they talk or chat about other similar authors and their blogs. Draft content for them and make them to read your article.

Build Confidence : Never think about negative feedback. “What if no readers likes my story / book”. Most of the new self-publishing authors will worry about trusting. That is passing the projects to other people (that is publishers). But it is an important process if you want a professional author career. By collaborating with publishers you ensure that you give your book / story what it deserves with industry standards.

To reduce your fears on self-publishing, trust your gut with the help you decided to go for. Check for the publisher’s customer service, verify whether they show their process by stage, view their previous work or their sample work. These analysis will help you get rid off the anxieties at handing over your precious manuscripts to them.

Self-Publishing your book is a learning process. You will make mistakes along the way, but it will help you to get information and guidance. And it is a good idea to learn from the successful writers in the industry. Visit and get some expert guidance on your first novel.

We, Sapna INK welcome writing projects at all stages of the process. Check out the testimonial about us, from the authors of the industry and be sure that your book is in safe hands.