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Sapna Ink is a platform where it allows the writer to become self-published by assisting them, be it amateurs or even professionals. Sapna Ink helps them launch themselves into the world of knowledge. Leading them through every phase of releasing a book like Proof-Reading, or Editing, Designing and finally Marketing the book.

Sapna Ink does all the background work, and all you’ve got to do is come up with a manuscript. Watch as Sapna helps your dreams and your creativity come to life across more than 12+ retail shops in India in the form of a dashing and an exciting new book !

A Guide

Sapna Ink also helps out many aspiring writers and dreamers by giving them helpful tips on how to be more creative or help them get in touch with famous personalities for some successful author tips and more!

Thus, this is your chance to live your dreams and make it big. Sapna Ink is definitely a gift for all writers, old and new, as an opportunity to do what they do best and bring it out in the form of a book . And thus allowing many readers across India to enjoy it!

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Get yourself published through Sapna Ink


Tired of drafting and sending proposals, selections from your book to publishers and then waiting to see if your book is approved for publishing or rejected by them!  Then tell your story to the world through Sapna Ink.  We value your time.

Sapna Ink is a part of Sapna Book Store. Famous writers like Ruskin Bond prefer us over other publishing houses as their launch pad.

Comprehensive Package Rates for a Self-Publisher

We offer a unique self-publishing package to aspiring and renowned writers.  We have set up effective teams to look into all aspects of your publishing, as follows:

  • Editorial team.
  • Design team to take care of book cover, illustrations, and page layouts according to the genre of the book.
  • Marketing team which has a guaranteed book display in all our 12+ retail outlets and e-commerce portals –, Also, promote the author and his book on social media platforms. We also distribute your books to libraries.

We also offer an

  • Exclusive Promotion Kit which includes bookmarks, author cards, book stubs, flyers and posters to help you reach a wider audience.
  • ISBN number for every book.

Free author copies

  • We also provide a large number of free author copies to our clients.

Welcome to Sapna Ink

We value your time ! Traditional publishing has a major drawback in that you have to wait for a long time for your book to be approved and published.  Get yourself published through Sapna Ink’s effective team for the assistance of experts and also receive free author copies. The cost according to the genre is available at our website.

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