Planning to market your book ?

sapna ink book market

Team up your creativity with your business brain to market your books. Quick tips to help you market your book from the expert marketing team from Sapna INK.

Promote Professionally  : Grab the attention of people by series of posters, bookmarks and business cards.

Select Places to sell your books : Take your books to the local stores and hotels. If the book is about a historical period or any historical event, approach a museum nearby.

Social Media Pages : To communicate with your readers and to market your book – the great place would be social media like Facebook. Post different versions of your book’s cover pages to attract the readers.

Blog or Website : Writing a blog / website will present you as an expert. This will help you to reach your readers closely.

Email Signature : An easy way to invite or attract people to check for your latest updates on your books is, adding your website link or blog link in your email signature.

Book Clubs / Readers Club : Approach your local book club or readers club, whether they are interested in reading your book / novel as their next read.

Give a talk at a library, local school : Market your book by talking about the process in a nearby library. Share your experience about writing, to the local school students, if the book is relevant to them.

Press Release : Prepare a professional Advance Information sheet and send it to booksellers. It should contain the important informations like ISBN number, Price, announcement of release date and some info about you. Send a well written press release to newspapers and magazines with good images. It will be a great way to market your book a little wider.

By selecting Sapna INK, as your publisher, your book is open to a wide range of readers in all platforms. It will be displayed in a rack with best selling authors. For more details about selecting a package for publishing your book, visit


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