Become An Author in 7 Days with SapnaInk!


Is it your ambition to become an author or even better, an author in 7 days? If yes then you should collaborate with SapnaInk. It is known to make dreams come true and helps budding writers stand out from the crowd.

How Does SapnaInk Help?

SapnaInk creates a foundation for you to work on. Once you have established a solid one you get to grow and expand your horizons as well as your reach and level of fame

How Do I Become An Author?

The talent part is your forte. Our job is to help develop your skills and extract all the goodness from you to become a better writer or author. This is easier said than done but we manage to do the seemingly impossible in just seven days.

What Makes Us An excellent Platform?

We provide authors with a very stable and sound foundation to help them set a reputation in the market. We also polish you in such a way that you do only the best work.

We do not believe in quantity but quality. Our goal is not to push you to the limit but push you to the realm you didn’t even know you could cross.

Why Choose us?

SapnaInk is an incredible career scope for you. It is up to you whether you decide to mingle with us and if you do, we are definitely going to stand behind you 100 percent.Write your story and leave the rest to us!  Sapna Ink gives you a complete package that covers the entire process from editing to marketing your book. Just write your story and let us help you make a mark in this bookish world!
Just log onto for more details.


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