A Chance To Write And Publish A Novel!


Here’s your chance to make your literary dreams come true! Get rid of your boring daily routine and try something new! These are signs it’s time to write, right now! Give SapnaINK a try today!

About SapnaINK

They are a part of SAPNA Companies and specialize in self-publishing and encourage writers to launch their own literary works and be successful. They focus on all stages including customization, proof-reading, marketing and the actual launch of the book.

How Does It Work?

Once a writer comes up with a manuscript, the entire team focuses on successfully launching it by going through elaborate steps such as editing, designing, advertising and finally helps you to launch your writings in more than 13+ retail stores all over India. They also make it available online through e-commerce.

Contact Them At

They have an online website called www.Sapnaink.com where you can leave your contact details and they’ll reach out to you.

Conclusion – Be Successful Writer

Thus SapnaINK helps you to achieve clarity in thought as you write and publish your thoughts successfully to a wide audience and reach great heights. This is a definite sign it’s time to write and build your future with SapnaINK today!


Gift Yourself a Novel Package


We help you tell your story to the world. A self-publisher service that lets you fulfil your dream of becoming a published author while taking care of all the nitty-gritties.

Weaving Magic

Sapna Ink has been enabling authors to tell their story to the world for the last 25 years. It is an arm of Sapna Book House, a leading Retailer of books and many other categories for almost half a century, with more than 5000 titles in English and other regional languages under their belt.

A special effective team for assistance is there that guides the author through the publishing process. A guaranteed book display and special book launch are organised to propel the work amidst the literary world with full effect.

Package Rates

Sapna Ink provides a self-publisher a variety of genre based packages to choose from. Every work gets its own ISBN code.

The basic rates vary from ₹29,000 to ₹89,000 with additional charges applicable as per requirements. Features such as hard back, colour interiors, editing service, distribution at other stores, standee design and social media setup and management require add-on charges.

Services We Provide

  • Retail launch platform in the form of the 12+ retail stores of Sapna Book House.
  • The in-house design team makes personalized illustrations, layouts and book covers depending on the genre and style.
  • The marketing team in addition to giving authors their own book launch promotes their work in all their retail outlets, e-commerce portals and social media platforms.
  • An exclusive promotion kit is designed that contains personalised bookmarks, book stubs, author cards, posters, flyers and much more.
  • The editorial team helps you transform your manuscript into a masterpiece.

Distribution Channels

  • com
  • Sapna Book House
  • Book Adda
  • Acad Zone
  • Flipkart
  • Jungle
  • Amazon
  • Ingram and many more

This is a one-stop-shop for a self-publisher who needs guidance. With Sapna Ink you don’t just publish your work, you tell your story to the world. The most popular package with the best services to make you a notable author! Learn more at 12321267_1002327096470075_5668571201398030716_n.pngwww.sapnaink.com


Make Your Dreams Come Alive With Sapna Ink


For all Dreamers and aspiring writers, here is a chance to achieve what you have always wanted through the exemplary services at SapnaInk.

The Team of Sapna Ink has relentlessly made efforts in self- publishing your dream book as an author. The services offered by this creative group have literally made people believe in the phrase of ‘Dream and it will be true’.

Services offered by SapnaInk

  • Introducing a great concept for the Indian market, SapnaInk has actually gone leaps and bounds ahead with Creativity.
  • They have given people more than a vivid picture of How To Be More Creative, along with being unique and determined in their way.
  • For hopeful writers, who candidly wish to make a mark for themselves, SapnaInk provides you with Successful Author Tips.

Welcome Creativity with Dreams

  • At SapnaInk, you can undoubtedly let your Creativity Outburst reveal itself. Their team welcomes that with utmost warmth and confidence.
  • You are offered with some of the best self-publishing packages, which eminently help a large network of authors.
  • Right from marketing, editing to offering you with some inordinate publishing services, SapnaInk is the destination for outstanding value of services.

For writers who do not have the right connections to either edit their draft or publish their book for them, stop worrying and continue writing. If you are looking for all the right sources and guidance for a successfully published book, look no more. SapnaInk does much more than that for Creative authors worldwide with absolute dedication and hard work. Visit http://www.sapnaink.com for more details.

Be a Self Publisher and Give Wings to Your Literary Dreams


Finding a publisher for your story can be a tough deal. Often, budding writers had to face rejections that dampen their spirit. However, you can always be a self-publisher and get your story out there!  

Almost everyone has a story to tell. However, there are a few who are capable of creating stories and express them through the language of literature.

However, getting your novel or stories to print is often an arduous task. Publishers don’t always seem excited about publishing the work of a completely new writer.

Keep Your Dream Alive with Self Publishing

If you want to express yourself through your literature, finding a publisher is not the only option. You can be a self publisher.

As the Indian literary grows more diverse, a lot of writers are turning towards self publishing.

A number of self-publishing companies, like SapnaInk, are coming to the scene. They are helping writers realize their dream of being published.

Does Self-Publishing Make Sense?

There are number of advantages of self-publishing with SapnaInk. These make self-publishing the best bet for writers.

  • You stay in control of your story.
  • You get help by a talented team in designing your book and the marketing your book.
  • SapnaInk guarantees you a place on the racks of the bookstores of Sapna Retail and others.
  • SapnaInk has all languages published. This means you have your work published in any Indian language.

Stay at It!

If you have stories that you want to tell, don’t stop. Don’t stop with one book. Continue to explore your creative side as SapnaInk would ensure you reach your audience.So pick up your pen, be a self publisher and bring all your ideas to life! Create your Story!
Customize your design! Celebrate Your Book Launch!  In just 7 days! Know more at www.sapnaink.com