Becoming a Self-Publisher has never been more easy!



Be careful what you wish for, Cos it could become a Reality! And at Sapna Ink, we are always more than happy to welcome fresh talent. And its high time, you stop hiding your talent and shying away under the hood of your ‘thinking cap’, and come forth to get your stories published and to take your story places. What if you could cross-off one from your bucket-list with Sapna Ink, at Sapna Ink’s Team at your side. Isn’t it a shot, worth taking?

And with our In-House team of professional Designers, your book could get that sophisticated, experienced, and most importantly, that Professional look, that you always wanted for your book.

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With the whole world watching, our Marketing team would ensure that your creation reaches everyone interested in anything Fresh / New! In fact, the most trusted and effective way of Marketing that could be used for the sale of a book is. Just to have it put up on Display. Though, readers from all places and times have understood and accepted ‘Never to judge a book by its cover’, they also know that at Sapna Ink, only the Tried, Tested and Judged works are ‘PASSED’, any material can come through! So, get to your writing, the RIGHT way!

The first impression is the best impression! That’s why we have the perfect junior package, that is not heavy on the pocket, but also gives you the right exposure! Know more at