Judge a book by its cover! And, get ready!


In a world of ‘False-Promises’, ‘Delivering-Short’ is synonymous with a more diplomatic and accepted-analogy, ‘Marketing-Gimmick!’  It is that important, your ATTENTION! Yes! Guess you were not just aware of it, at-least till now! It’s actually funny to think of how, it all started with an alarming catch-phrase coined by ‘The-Elders!’ came into being very many years ago. It went something like, ‘Never. Judge. Book. Cover!’ We grew into adulthood, being vary of anything that was impressively or appealingly covered! And for some reason, it goes by default that, ‘The Elders’ are always right, just about anyone and anything!

That’s exactly why, at SapnaInk, your book-cover would not just be fancily-dressed, but actually designed carefully by a team of experts after understanding the uniqueness of each project and manage to deliver that impressive-design, as promised! The attention given to the detailing only triggers the curiosity of the reader at the very first sight of it. And by giving a ‘Sneak-Peek’, it allows for the V.I.P. treatment the ‘prospective-reader’ or better yet, A ‘soon-to-be-fan’, might expect.

Usually, a book that hits the stands can very easily be compared to the answer sheets of the ‘Class-Clown’. It would be religiously filled into a bunch with not much of relevant or even valid content but just assemble grammatically right words, rightly spelt. And the student may also try for some luck by providing ‘interesting-illustrations’. And now, years later, little does the student know, that it is not his favorite-teacher to fall for the old-tricks again, but a team of editors who’d be running through the submitted work and then pass it on to a team of designing professionals, to create a design that’d speak for itself about the submitted word! It maybe puzzling and even urge you, to ask just how is that even possible? Well, we’d like to again remind you of what ‘The Elders’ used to said about something, that goes like ‘One-Picture’ and ‘A -Thousand-Words! So, the next time you see an interesting cover at SapnaInk, we say, ‘Take that chance!’ Know more about us on http://www.sapnaink.com


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