Want to publish your own book but don’t know how?

12552705_963117783724340_8117554197488311205_nSapna Ink has been in the book business for a while now. Not only do they help new and established writers in one arena, they also assist authors with editing, proofreading, cover design, layout, getting an ISBN bar code and all the way to printing and distribution, logistics, warehousing and promotion.

Sapna Ink is an arm of Sapna Book House, spread across 400,000 sqft, Sapna Retail has rightfully been titled ‘India’s Largest Book Mall’ by Limca Book of Records.

Self publishers by the way of direct marketing or direct selling are getting an advantage by not having to pay hefty commission to the distributors. Additionally, readers receive books today in a timely fashion and at inexpensive prices. Readers also now have several options and are exposed to more variety of books.

Online marketing constitutes almost more than 60 % of the book sales and it is growing at a very fast pace.

Sapna INK has gleaming presence on both online and in-stores. The presence of Sapna Group is widely known and also gives authors a chance to have their own book launch and can be assured of the good visibility in the market. Sapna Ink also boasts of giving the authors a topnotch package at affordable rates and encourages writers to share their stories with the world.

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Exclusive Promotion Kit for You

12439541_957975404238578_5776397018793896432_nSapna INK aspires to bring out the hidden author in you and believes age is no barrier to tell people your story. Sapna Ink raises the bar for self- publishers by not only offering different genre based packages

That’s not all; a special designing team is appointed to assist you  to create your personalized promotion kit which will include bookmarks, author cards, book stubs, flyers, posters and much more .

What is a promotion kit?

A promotion kit is a medium to help you reach a wider audience. This concept of ours has worked wonders as a promotional and marketing strategy for all the authors who have been associated with Sapna INK.

Why do you need a kit for promotion?

An author promotion kit is a collectively of information with reference to a particular writer. The concept of the book in context, convolution, and appearance is described and modeled based on the author’s discretion of the audience he has written for.  This will lead to the following

  •  Make the book easily available to the audience
  • Authors concept and ideologies in the book is clearly communicated
  • Easy-to-reach approach with creative elements of marketing
  • Selecting best benefits for long term visibility

Sapna INK helps you to reach your dream at ease.

Sapna INK values aspirations by offering self-publishers a luminous platform to authors along with a dazzling book launch. Sapna INK earns the reputation of having experience for 3 decades in the publishing industry.

Sapna Ink values every story and author. Sapna INK is an arm of Sapna Book House which has over 14+ retail stores across India, covering more than 400,000 sq.ft of retail space and association with renowned online portals;  authors and promises to help you become Famous! Visit www.sapnaink.com to know more.