What does an author dream of?


Every author dreams of having their book placed on the display of their favorite popular branded store-racks, exactly on the spot from which they have many times picked up paperback and hardcovers which they fell in love with and which in turn lit the fire under their pens.

Loyal readers

Any aspiring novelist or writer wants his or her book to be picked up and read and be appreciated by the nameless faceless crowd. They want to achieve the same success that their favorite authors and writers have seen. And to achieve this is easier now than it ever was, with the internet and the various digital platforms that can help you in getting a following and getting seen by a greater number of people. Word of mouth has now sprouted digital super speed wings and selling something great has become easy through the internet.

Critical appreciation

Another thing that an author wants on his path to blazing glory and success is great reviews and to be featured in the best newspapers and the top blogs. All the authors and writers who come under the ‘aspiring’ category are vying for that spot on the New York Times best seller list and to be reviewed by the toughest and best book critics of the twenty first century, which will get them the popularity every writer wants. For an author to get the critical appreciation from the most established corners is the best validation and the best redemption for the years of near-starvation and the regular bouts of depression and self-doubt

But more than anything what an author dreams of is, a tiny remuneration for the great time and effort that went into carefully choosing every word on every page of his labor of love. And he gets that remuneration when even a single other person loves and appreciates the words that he has been working to produce, his whole life.

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How can an author get quick fame?


Becoming a best-selling author has nowadays become a common dream. We see someone on the news everyday whose first novel or book, sold a million copies and that writer becomes an overnight success and a household name. More and more people now are focused on cracking this formula of overnight successes, or authors who get quick fame and become celebrities.

Well written books sell

It is high time that this myth of the overnight success is broken among writers and novelists. The fundamentals of the publishing industry have more or less remained the same ever since its inception. There are some books which catch the imagination of the masses much more than other; there are some books which slowly and steadily become a cult hit while others take many a decade for it to come under the limelight. But the one thing that all these books are bound to have in common is that they were well written, and they followed the basic rules of storytelling and grammar and the elements of style. If it is a good story, it is very easy for authors to find a readership in this digital age, if they keep only a few things in mind.

Good Marketing team

What has changed significantly in the publishing industry overtime is the author-reader relationship. Nowadays the author is selling himself as much as he is selling his book. The days of anonymity for authors are gone. Publishing firms work very hard at coming up with the right buzz around a book before it’s even released. The right cover, the right summary and more visibility for the book online and in stores is important if it is to catch the eye of the book browser in the long aisle of new releases.

The author plays an important role in the launch of his or her book. Book store signings and press releases have become more crucial than ever for the success of a book. In the end an author will only become successful and get fame for good writing but a good launch platform and the marketing strategies sure help in compelling readers to pick up the book.

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Dare to dream- The subconscious story


Human beings and animals, both have dreams. Dreams are powerful visions which the human mind creates. We tend to remember them vividly or they are easily forgotten as they occur in our subconscious mind. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis said in his famous work ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ that dreams were symbolic of events in one’s regular life. Ancient beliefs said that dreams were messages from the other world. Whether dreams are real or they are stories created in our subconscious mind, there is learning, growth and wisdom meant for all.

Creating a story

Begin by writing your dreams just the way you remember. Don’t judge you writing skills while jotting them down on paper.  You can then go back and re-read your dreams a number of times. It is interesting to know the mysterious power of the subconscious. Some of it may be exciting while some of it can be pure melancholy. Writing one’s dream is a fascinating experience as you tend to capture details that are vivid and inexplicable. Treat your subconscious like a muscle. Flex it and use it to make it powerful and long lasting. Writing regularly can turn out to be a cathartic process for many of us.

Creative Thoughts

Our thoughts and dreams have power and we can create stories from them. They carry the authority to move and inspire people. Writing down one’s thoughts can help you become a great story teller that will help you connect with a larger audience. Humans can forget who you are and what you do but they have the innate ability of not forgetting how you made them feel.  Let the whole world know your talent through your powerful stories.

Dreams are considered as a remedy for the creative mind and when written, can create a plethora of ideas for a story. They may seem completely pointless at times but they can stir up your imagination and build your creativity that you never thought existed.

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