Self-Publishing – What is it All About?


A writing converts in to a book only when it is published. In this internet era, the online industry has re-defined a lot of traditional concepts including the concept of publishing. Unlike the older days when writes had to negotiate with publishing houses to get their works published, one can now find enough online resources to go for Self-Publishing of their writings. However to make your book a successful one, there are several Facts Authors Should Look Out for While Self Publishing.

  1. Self-Publishing is Both Simple and Complex: While you don’t need to bargain for royalty with publishers, your book also does not inherit the Company’s Brand Value that comes with reputed publishers. So it’s your responsibility to Design Attractive Products like Book Covers, Designs etc.
  2. The Future is Online: A lot of readers now prefer Amazon Kindle or use their mobiles or tablets to read eBooks. So make sure to make your book available at online platforms. If you are a newbie in this aspect, get help from a Capable Team of professionals.
  3. Promote it Well: Remember, with Self-Publishing, there will be no promotion from the publisher side, neither your title will feature in to their catalogue. To get your book noticed promote it well and make sure to connect to readers through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. If you are not confident, ask for help from a Launch Platform who are professional to Help Promotion and Publicity of Book.
  4. Be Realistic: Well a lot of authors including some very popular ones went through Self-Publishing mode. But only a handful of them became popular. So be realistic and patient till you strike big.

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Theme based learning improves child’s ability to think out of the box

11986327_903667909669328_4652122178917945049_nDo you see depth in your child’s imagination? Wondering how to channelize his ideas? Capture your child’s talents and help him understand his dreams with theme based learning.

Howard Gardner proposed that there are multiple types of intelligence. He divided intelligence in eight categories namely verbal- linguistic, logical – mathematical, visual and spatial, musical, naturalistic, bodily and kinesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal. These types of intelligence are important and every teacher must focus on exposing their students to all of them in order to facilitate learning which will assure over all development.

The process of learning is a unification of factors as meaningfulness and communication. In order to achieve this unification teachers make use of theme based learning methods.  Concentrating on specific theme ideas helps teachers connect various disciplines in order to ensure that the students will learn the important concepts.

The themes can contrast in description and capacity but they should create a sense of motivation for the students and be related to them.  Theme based learning ensure that students can develop higher order thinking while learning material relevant to their syllabus. It also ensures that they learn the concepts and can retain it for longer periods of time. Also, this ensures deeper understanding of concepts and helps the students develop a nose for details.

One important aspect of theme based learning is it helps students make connections between the knowledge that they gain in a classroom and apply it in the real world.

It enhances the coherence of the learnt material. Also it prepares them to think out of the box.

Theme based learning techniques make students generate new and fresh ideas. It encourages on the quality of these ideas and not the quantity. It makes students use their imagination and find various ways to apply the knowledge they gained. This in turn helps them in enhancement of skills that they have gained and learnt to apply.

Theme based learning ensures that students benefit the most from their classrooms and use the experience gained to make it count in the real world. It makes the students more competent and adaptable and helps them develop their thoughts and resulting actions. Thematic learning also builds the ability to research before any task. It makes it a habit for one to be knowledgeable and well read about any idea they might encounter.Children have a lot of hidden talents which needs to be discovered and molded.

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Expression out of passion – Self Publisher Ajay Tiwari’s ‘The Ones I Loved’


Ajay Tiwari is an HR professional and has worked on key roles with the leading global Telecom Giants. He has addressed multiple philanthropic sessions on Career Progression at Engineering and Management Colleges. He is a management graduate and also holds a degree in Social Work from Delhi University. He has worked closely with differently abled children, trauma patients and underprivileged kids/youth of urban slum during his educational stint. He is passionate about general psychology (as a subject) and portrays the same in his writings. Sapna Ink has published this self-publishers book and is proud to present Ajay Tiwari’s ‘The Ones I loved

‘The Ones I loved’ is a story of ambition, career and love which are key to one’s life. It not only describes author’s past but current perspectives about his past which is a realization and learning in itself in many ways. It describes parental & social expectations and neatly criticizes some of the social and cultural obligations in form of challenges he goes through. It also describes his love for a girl, who plays a significant role in his life.

This book carries honest confessions and is expected to touch the Reader’s heart by helping them relate their experiences with bold perspectives and honest opinions.The author shares his experience and journey, to inspire you to find the hidden ambition.

When and why did you begin writing? I have been writing a personal diary since I was 16 and writing has always been a way of expression for me. Experience and knowledge sharing is an act of responsibility and therefore I chose to show it through my writings as well.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? It’s too early to tag myself as a ‘Writer’ as I just express out of passion and I think I still have to go a long way through a more responsible and responsive writing consistency and may be then, I would humbly acknowledge myself with that role too.

What inspired you to write your first book? Writing is a way of expression for me like any other passion. Like movies, our life also has many key people behind the scenes, who remain unacknowledged in the books of our life. They are often part of secret talks with close friends. I have always felt this is not a right recognition or respect they deserve. This was my effort to honor my past, act honest and show respect to the ones I loved.

How did you come up with the title? Love is a mystery which can transform lives and induce optimism in everyone. My writing is centered at people, their behavior and relationship as an outcome. In general, everything evolves out of love and diminishes because of love. The title “The Ones I Loved” summarized beautifully what I felt in nutshell without any hard feelings and therefore this title.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Yes, the story sensitizes on the essence to value people and relationships and honor our past with a justified perspective.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? Yes, the experiences are based on events in my life and carries honest and bold confessions.

What books have most influenced your life most? Unfortunately, I haven’t read many books other than the ones which were a part of my academic curriculum; however I observe and read instances, behavior & outcomes which have all touched my life in some or the other way.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? No writer in specific but every individual who has the courage to express realistically.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? Nothing, I expressed what and how I wanted to however I have got multiple reviews that they wanted more to read. I take it as a compliment in an era where time is utmost precious and wisely spent by everyone, and there are people who judiciously want to spend in on more.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? It’s worthwhile mentioning 2 things – the decision of being honest in confessing reality and difficulty to express my thought (some feelings especially) in words and further a challenge to create a closest perception of the thought, which needed multiple proof readings.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? Yes, I learnt the way to make more than thousand friends in no time – just by sharing my experience and believing they would read wisely between my lines. I was so very correct.

Do you have any advice for other writers? I feel ‘Being yourself’ helps.

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Best Sellers – The Ultimate Aim of All Authors!



All the authors not only wish that their writings reach maximum number of reader but also they secretly desire that their books become a Best Seller one. However under today’s context, it depends on a lot of factors other than just having a wow material to publish. This is where the Importance of Launch Platform becomes eminent. Beyond your Book Launch, they also ensure that Exposure is High for your hard work.

Ingredients of a Best-Seller Book – Secret Weapons of Launch Platforms!

So what does it take to convert a good writing to a Best Seller Book? Check out the following list –

  1. A Catching Book Cover with tempting punch lines which also delivers the right message
  2. Endorsements and Online Portfolio of Your Book,
  3. Making it available in all formats including Softcover, Hardcover and E-book,
  4. Publisher’s Support along with mutually benefitting business values,
  5. Connecting with reader, including potential ones through social media.

A Book Launch Platform essentially takes care of all the above mentioned aspect. Now you will have a clear view of the Importance of Launch Platform.

Do I Really Need A Launch Platform for Books?

Long gone are the days, when the important factors about the success of a book were only limited to two points – Publishers Support Author and availability of your books at Book Store. With everything going digital and marketing becoming a prominent factor associated with book releases, no authors can deny the Importance of Launch Platform. Starting from helping you design the look of your book, they make your publication a proper business case to endorsers and publishers. They also ensure that your book gets the maximum social media coverage and available across all sales channels including Online Sales Platform.

Book Launch Platforms essentially help you concentrate on your writhing while they take care of the rest of things to make your book a highly successful one.

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Exalt your child’s future


Imagination is something inborn in everybody but successful individuals have utilized their imaginative power to rouse themselves to succeed. How could they have been able to discover this hidden talent in them? Simply, by using an occasion or circumstance that showed up in their everyday lives. In their mind they transformed that subject into something they needed to have confidence in, so they could review it over and over.

Effective communication is one of the essential things that kids need to develop to guarantee that they get by the grown-up world effortlessly. Communication abilities are enhanced as time passes by, which would incorporate writing and speaking. The latter is something that parents would have not much inconvenience getting their kids to do, but former is something that is usually one of the aptitudes that a few kids far and wide do not ever get the chance to learn.

Why Writing is Important?

It is important to encourage writing habit in your child at an early age. As writing runs parallel with reading, it is essential to hone your child’s writing skill at a youthful age to guarantee that he will be equipped at home as well as in school and in other social settings. Writing also improves the language of your child. Envision how humiliated your child may be on the off chance that he is the stand out in class who can’t define his own particular name.

A child’s brain starts to develop at a very tender age. So one must ensure to teach him writing as soon as possible. Writing is an ability that is nurtured all the more successfully when you give time to your child’s education legitimately. In case your child is not yet prepared to learn, you may experience difficulty making him retain your teachings. Researches express that writing skills begin to develop in child at around 4-5 years of age. So if your child falls under that age section, fasten up your belts and get ready to pay special attention to signs that he is prepared to learn and write.

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