Authorpreneurs – The various challenges an authorpreneur has to overcome in order to self publish his books.

There is a major difference between an author and an authorpreneur. When it comes to being an authorpreneur your whole perspective shifts to the ideologies of a typical entrepreneur.

The Knick-Knacks Of Self Publishing:

As every coin has two sides, every approach has its downfall. Every author who prefers to self publish his books has certain problems that he may have to face in the process. The first and the foremost step in being a successful self published author is to come up with inimitable content. Promoting a book with no guarantee that your book might be recognised is a high risk factor for an author

Professionalism and Capital:

Being in-experienced has its share of cons too. Due to no proper assistance and no guidance from professionals there are always certain points you might miss out on. Professional publishers know their way inside out when it comes to publishing a book. When it comes to self publishing an author has to promote the book on his own accord which may bring about certain additional charges and due to lack of professionalism on some level getting a good deal for advertising the book might be a lost cause.


Every published author has a book launch. A grand party is held by his publishers in order to promote the particular book efficiently and effectively. A self publishing author lacks this trait of promotion and is unable to garner the reviews of professional authors which only add up to help the author and the book to be recognised. No launch pad is a major problem that an authorpreneur faces.However Sapna INK is an ideal solution for any authorpreneur.

Become famous with the help of experts, a stunning book launch and a platform to showcase your book. The process of self publishing one’s book is made easy and hassle free.

Visit, Sapna INK, your gateway to supported self publishing services. We are a One Stop Solution for ALL your publishing needs. With a humble start in 1967, Sapna Group today is an retail pioneer. Sapna group has published over 4500 titles in English and other regional languages.

Sapna INK offers its authors a brilliant platform to shelf their book on both online and retail platform. Not just that, their efficient team also helps you with a fabulous book launch and also an impactful social media presence. Bring out the hidden author in you and enjoy a hassle free process to turn your dream to reality, selflessly with Sapna INK!

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