Do You have The AAA Syndrome? Are you An Aspiring Author?

Have you penned down your ideas, have a story in hand but confused on how to go forward?

Do you have a fixed budget to publish and market your book?

Or are you just tired after writing a novel, and want to leave the rest to others?

Hello Future Author, Imprint your story with Sapna INK !

Sapna INK is a unique self-publishing company that gives you a top-notch publishing package at very affordable prices with a minimum of 200 free author copies. Apart from that, you also benefit from an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your work.

What’s Special about Sapna INK?

Sapna INK is an imprint of “Sapna Group”, which started in 1967 and is now a retail pioneer. Sapna has published over 4500 titles in English and other regional languages apart from providing Pan-India distribution, online sales, university and B2B supply of books.

The 3 Cs of Self-Publishing, Now EASY!

Create your Story

Pen down your story and leave the rest to us. Submit your complete manuscript and our team will help you become famous!

Choose your Package

Sapna INK values every story and author, providing packages for your possible requirements at an affordable budget. There are 4 genres’ of packages that are designed to cater the needs of every budding author. Child or adult, there is a guaranteed platform for all.

Celebrate your Book

Your story is just a few steps away to become a published book available in a store near you! Your book will be displayed not only at all our 12+ retail outlets, but also be sold on leading online portals and much more. We offer you nothing less than the best! Our talented team will assist you through your marvelous journey of becoming an author at ease.

Visit and shape your hidden aspiration of becoming an author to reality!

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